Purest Silver Jewellery Online – Guide to Buying Your Silver Jewellery

Hand and heart crafted are all Mirror White jewellery. We understand that accessories are an extension of your personality and the right jewellery can define your mood for the day!

Mirror White jewellery are made with Sterling Silver (Purity925 certified) precious and semi-precious gemstones, crafted to perfection with women across the world in mind. We believe that our customers should have complete knowledge about products they purchase from us.


We go through a stringent process of certifying all our silver jewellery, so you can be rest assured that every material used in our jewellery is of top quality. Almost all our products will carry a stamp of purity. Mirror White’s jewellery are different from the conventional beaten silver. It does not lose its value because of its pure silver content that’s an investment.


Our Certification standards include, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certifying the purity of Silver jewellery specified by the ISO Guide 28 and standards for product conformity. 925 silver is another word for sterling silver (purest of the forms). In very rare cases, the silver used will be a little less than 92.5% purity, which will be mentioned with the product details. Silver Certification for 92.5% pure (Sterling Silver) and the rest is composed of alloys that provide the silver its strength. And Handmade Certification certifying that all our products are handmade and what you’re receiving is a piece of art which no manufacturing process can replicate.

Unique Art

We exalt women for who they are and what they wear. And we believe that jewellery made by hand is closest to the heart of a woman. Henceforth, all MirrorWhite jewellery are painstakingly handmade by highly-skilled artisans across India & South-east Asia. In effect, you are wearing a piece of unique art.

Our fusion designs showcase rich Indian heritage and versatility in all distinctive jewels – Earrings, Bracelets & Bangles, Rings, Necklaces, Pendants & Special collections. Just check this link to choose the best jewellery that suits your style and needs. Don’t wait for an occasion!


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