Beat the Summer with Our Colourful Silver Jewellery

Its summer and we all seem to be waiting for the rains already. Well, last few days of summer so add some fun by breaking open the dramatic coloured accessories from your jewel boxes! Brighten your days even more with bold and colourful jewellery from MirrorWhite. Earrings are the main players of the season because they don’t stick to your skin and you can flaunt them even with your hair tied up. Next is the ring. Isn’t wearing what is right for you and  comfortable in the heat more important than staying in trend? Also, you can never go out of style with sterling silver jewellery (especially!). So, MirrorWhite brings to you colourful silver jewellery for office and special occasions so you can walk out in style every sunny morning.

Disco Blue

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The colour blue is so refreshing to the eyes especially when it comes on our favourite pieces of jewellery. The blue meenakari earrings (Rs.1000) is simple yet eye-catching with its enamel work. And this band ring (Rs.1350) will bring a touch of modern elegance to your summer wear. No fuss just plain simple jewellery to add the fun element to your clothes this summer. Check out our most colourful collection of meenakari jewellery here

Bold Red

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Forget your delicate trinkets and embrace these stylish and funky Prism red agate earring (Rs.3450) and ring (Rs.1550)  and you will be all set to flaunt for a party.

Refreshing Turquoise

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Apart from the regular colours, turquoise is a classy choice by itself that takes over the runways. So, you could imagine the heights of beauty when it’s on your jewellery! These lovely sea green turquoise earring (Rs.1650) and blue turquoise ring (Rs.1550) are sure to lift your spirits with a good dose of eccentricity. Check out our entire range of Turquoise Jewellery here

Festive Pink




With pink dangler earring (Rs.1200) and chunky ring (Rs.4100) you’re all set to to kill those already set fashion statements. The lovely combination of these enamel pink earrings and ring is something out-of-the-box!

Vibrant Purple

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Saving the best for the last, colour pop purple from your jewel box to top the list. Give a bigger punch of fashion this summer with the amethyst purple earring (Rs.1700) and amethyst purple ring (Rs.1350). Both the earring and ring are made with an amethyst stone giving it a royal look.

Check out our entire range of Amethyst Silver Jewellery here

Go dramatic and colour yourself happy and bright this summer. Show us your maxed out summer look by tagging us on instagram or find us on facebook mirrorwhiteindia


A Letter to All Mothers!


I love that we set aside a whole day to honour our mothers who raised us with everything in their power. Whether it’s the mom who devoted a good 20 years of her life only raising us or the mother who juggled between her work and raising us, we definitely need to salute them for all that they have done. I have an amazing mother who still continues to support me even in my 30’s. She is strong, independent, positive, hardworking, supportive, and someone who has always moved with the times and not made me feel for a single moment that “my mom is old-fashioned”. We are two sisters, and she has raised us beautifully that I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done and continues to do. I don’t think you completely realise the value of your mom till you become one yourself and now that I am so close to becoming one myself, this mother’s day means a lot more than all the ones in the past.

So go out there today and cherish all the moments you have spent with your mother. Your mother gave up her life just to put a smile on your face and continues to do so. If you’re a new mother or going to be one, just remember you’re entering the most rewarding part of your life. And there will be days when you will be overwhelmed and exhausted but just remember “this too shall pass.” Every phase of your child must be appreciated because nothing lasts forever and in no time your children will grow up and not need you as much as they did so before. So, go out there and be the best mom you can be and don’t forget to do these top five things:

1) Cook for your kids – There is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal cooked by your mother, and I can say that for a fact because even though I am 30 something woman, I still crave to eat my mom’s food. So, don’t deprive them of this!


2) Play with them – No matter how tired you’re everyday, make some time to play with them and read to them. These are your special bonding times, and they won’t come back


3) Hug them tight – Nothing is more warming than receiving a hug from your mom. So if your kid ever runs up to you, leave everything you’re doing and give them a tight hug


4) Appreciate them – Every kid is special so please don’t compare your kids to others. Take the time to appreciate all the little things they do to make you feel special


5) Tell them you love them – There isn’t a better feeling than hearing the words “I love you” from your mother. So, always tell your kids how much you love them!

I hope all you mothers feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s day and no matter which phase of motherhood you’re in, remember you’re doing your best and that you’re loved.

Tag us on Instagram and tell me what your kids are upto this Mother’s day! Oh and before I forget, we have an amazing line-up of silver jewellery for all you beautiful moms at amazingly low prices so take a look here and if you haven’t yet pampered yourself, do so now

Kids Collection

It’s always so much fun dressing up kids, especially little girls than dress ourselves, isn’t it? The best part is you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to shop for them. Unplanned shopping and gifts excite them even more. How great would it be if it’s something they fantasy every day? Something that’s both exciting and safe too? Here are some amazingly cute silver earrings for your little girls.

Silver metal is a  – the best way to protect children from cold and flu and get them through an illness more easily. Also, most schools don’t allow children to wear gold jewellery; hence kids silver jewellery seems like a pretty good alternative. I’m sure that toddlers, tweens & teen girls would love wearing these colourful pieces of art.

  1. Butterfly Studs

Sing to your baby girls the butterfly song, let them dance to your tune with these cute butterfly earrings. Shop here at Rs. 950.


  1. Fish Studs

Build stories with these fish studs to get your little girl to do chores. Shop here at Rs. 800 and Rs. 950 respectively.



  1. Crystal Earrings

Dress up your girl in a jiffy for birthday parties, festivals and celebrations in these grand crystal earrings. Shop here at Rs. 950 and Rs.1200 respectively.



  1. Heart Studs

If you’re a giving person, buy this soulful gift for your daughters, nieces or grand-daughters. Shop them at Rs. 950 & Rs.850 respectively.




  1. Twinkle Stud

These simple yet elegant twinkle earrings would be the best weekend attention grabber to your sweet child. Shop them at Rs. 950.


This is not all, we have a whole new range of silver jewellery for your little girls so they can enjoy wearing something fun. Start shopping here:

Mirror White at India Beach Fashion Week

For the very first time, MirrorWhite will be showcasing their fabulous range of Handcrafted Silver Jewellery at Pop it Up Goa on 6th, 7th, and 8th March at the Goa Mariott Resort & Spa in Collaboration with India Beach Fashion Week. We are thrilled to be a part of this show, firstly because we get to be in this amazing beach destination 😉 Who can ever say no to being in Goa. The great vibes, the beach, the lovely free-spirited people and the food! We decided to jump on this opportunity and be a part of this fun-filled event, and to top it all the fashion week will bring in lots of craziness and glam to the event. Now coming back to business, we have a lot of great jewellery that will be on display, take a look for yourself!
Bracelet_01 SUP_5226-1-2
Classy, Timeless and Handmade – Silver Jewellery that will set you apart! We will be sharing lots of photographs from our event so stay tuned for lots more. For now, if you’re in Goa, don’t forget to visit us at Stall No 26, MirrorWhite to view our spectacular range of silver jewellery. You won’t regret it! Ah! and if you happen to read this blog, you can say the words GoGoa and take 15% off your order total at the show.
Floral-2 SUP_5020-1

The January Birthstone – Garnet

“By her who is this month was born

No gem save garnets shall be worn

They will ensure her constancy

True friendship and fidelity.”

                                                                  — Gregorian Birthstone poem



Traditionally, birthstone is a gemstone associated with each month of the year. The modern concept of having a special stone related to the month you were born is such a fun idea. No matter where the origins lead to, there’s something charming about the very thought that we each have a precious stone associated with the month we were born, and exploring the folklore and legends around each gem only add to the fun.


The birthstone for January is a garnet. Garnet is most commonly dark red but can be found in a variety of colours that includes red, yellow, orange, brown, green, pink, black, and some are even colourless. Garnet also shows a vitreous or glassy lustre.


According to legends, wearing a Garnet gemstone during the month of January heightens its healing powers. Garnets light up the night and protect their owners from nightmares and accidents when far from home. Garnet brings the wearer with good luck, peace, prosperity, protection and good health. And some say it even has the power to give the wearer eternal happiness and wealth. From the fiery orange to the rich green and the widely recognized red, Garnet is considered a great gift to symbolize friendship and trust. With its stunning variety of colours and its mystical powers Garnet is chosen for the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary.


Most popularly associated with peace, prosperity and good health to the home. The garnet called the “Gem of faith” also symbolizes deep and lasting friendship. With that legend in mind, gift a garnet to someone whose friendship you genuinely value or take it if you’re a January born legend.

MirrorWhite offers some amazing pieces of garnet embedded silver jewellery to deck up your body with luck and goodness.

Shop garnet here in the form of Earrings | Chain | Bangle | Anklet

What Do I Wear On New Year’s Eve?

Have no idea what accessories to wear with your outfit? Whether you are dancing the night away or meeting up with your close friends, we have the perfect earrings!

It’s the last week of the year and the best way to welcome the New Year will be looking gorgeous this New Year’s Eve. Every New Year has its accessory trend. The one complementing the overall look is Earrings. For 2017, the “oversized statement earrings” are the trend as per young women. You need no hair style, just the simple hair with big chunky earrings will give the extra bling and steal the show. Read on to find out the best statement earrings to wear on New Year’s Eve.
Ear Cuffs


Ear cuffs have been a rage since the beginning of the year and why not end your ear with a fabulous earcuff. This punk jewellery style adds an edgy, chic flair to any outfit and has a trendsetting style that is both funky and sweet. Our Egyptian jewellery adds bold style, both to Western and Indian outfits. Check out some of our favourites – Dangle & Cuff.
Chand Balis


A luscious set of Chand Bali can give you the air of a pretty, young debutante. The transition from daywear to nightwear with a simple change of earrings will grace your New Year’s Eve look. If subtle isn’t your thing and you’re planning to wear a neutral or solid outfit, well, this earring is just what you need. Chand Balis offer an elegant royal look; moreover, you can opt for coloured enamel work, to add an understated splash of colour to your outfit. Check out one of our favourites.


Filigree earrings


So if you’re planning to spend the New Year’s Eve in a more formal way – a family midnight dinner party or something like that – then this dangler is the perfect New Year’s Eve accessory for you. The Filigree is the perfect earring to wear with your fancy salwar, long gown or saree. The sparkle and shine are all out glam and incredibly lightweight, sure to make heads turn! Check out one of our favourites


Pearl Drop Earrings


You can never go wrong with pearls, always a classic and we are sure that pearl earrings are made for special occasions! This New Year’s Eve, go ahead and wear Pear Drop Earrings with your equally fabulous New Year’s Eve Dress. This will look stunning with your Black Dress, darling! It’s subtle yet adds a chic factor to any outfit. Wear this if you’re going on a new year date or you’re all set to woo your man.


Dangler Earrings


Who can say no to dangler earrings? A fabulous statement piece that you can wear to boost up a simple outfit. Wear it with a simple New Year’s Eve dress and let the earrings do the talking.. This timeless dangler is a must-have for any lady. Check out some of our favourites – Dancing Bell & Smoky Topaz.
Can’t you see yourself at a FABULOUS party wearing these FABULOUS earrings? Pair with the right outfits and heads will turn to ask, “Where’d you get those?” Well, you are ready to rock the night away when the ball drops for 2017!

Cheers to a New Year 2017! May this year bring all happiness and good health to you!!

Walk like an Egyptian and Dress like one too!

The last one year has been a rollercoaster ride for us at MirrorWhite! Running a new business and growing organically means wearing multiple hats at the same time. It’s an exciting period but also stressful at the same time. You need to meet you sales, manage your expenses, do your marketing, develop new product lines, and so on and so forth. It’s always a never ending list of tasks! In the bargain, I have learnt a lot and Thanks to the support of friends and family, we have come a long way since we started in June 2014.

Today, it’s a good feeling to see one of our first luxury collection getting noticed in social media and getting the kind of appreciation we never expected. Yes, we are talking about our Egyptian Collection. We spent days and months developing this line of jewellery, from the concept, to the designs, to the colors, to sourcing the stones, to manufacturing, and finally to see the finished piece in your hand is the best feeling in the world.

Egyptian Collection – in the making

It started with a concept as simple as taking inspiration from Egypt and we built on that to bring to you something beautiful, unique – something that if worn will make a style statement. We wanted to fuse together western and Indian, so it can be matched beautifully with both types of clothing. Why should jewellery always be restrictive? Shouldn’t we be able to style it with whatever kind of clothing we wear?

Manoj working on the Egyptian Earrings
Turquoise and Lapis Stones Sourced 🙂










Another exciting thing that came about with this new launch was our photoshoot by Supriya Suryanarayanan in Bangalore. It was so much fun to do our first ever photo shoot and she managed to capture the jewellery so beautifully that all of effort and time put in just made sense in the end! Oh and we also ran a fun contest on what you like about Egypt and gave away a gift voucher from MirrorWhite worth Rs. 5000 on Social Media! We also had a winner, Nazia!

Behind the scenes at the MirrorWhite Photoshoot

Today, in this overcrowded market place, consumers have a 100 choices to look for but we at MirrorWhite hope that you enjoy what we are bringing to you. We are learning along the way but our motto remains the same, we want to bring to you, unique – one of a kind – handmade silver jewellery that is wearable, fun, stylish yet not over the top. We want you to feel special when you wear it! We want you to remember us and the effort that has been put into making each piece of jewellery by our artisans across India. We are excited to be a part of this journey and will be bringing to you more such collections in the future!

The Falcon Pendant

So tell us what you think? Do you like our new Egyptian collection? Notice the prisms, the falcons, the lovely blue colours, the turquoise and lapis, and most of all the hard work put into each piece by the craftsman….

Egyptian Inspired Bracelets







Our Model, Shweta looked lovely in these earrings! The best part, the photographs were taken in broad sunlight with no makeup on her. Just the natural look, which I feel brings out the beauty in a person!

The Cleopatra Chandbali

Want to take a look at our entire egyptian collection? Check it out here :

All MirrorWhite jewellery is made in 925 Silver, handmade with precious and semi-precious stones.