What should I gift my sister this Rakhi?

Rakhi is round the corner and I am sure all of us, sisters are scouting around for the best Rakhi and brothers are wondering what to gift their beloved sister. It’s so amazing to see how sisters and brothers are trying their best to find something different, something special that will bring a smile to the other. Just yesterday, I was at an event in Bangalore where we displayed some of our Silver Rakhi’s. It was a two day event, and one girl came by the stall the first day and liked a Rakhi we had made with semi-precious stones and silver beads. She decided to take a day to think and came back yesterday and picked up one for her brother. She said, she loves giving her brother rakhi’s that are unique and her brother has actually preserved them for over 15 years. Isn’t that amazing? Why gift your brother a boring Rakhi when you can give them something unique that will actually treasure. We at MirrorWhite have launched a simple yet fancy range of Rakhi’s for your brother. and for all the brothers out there, we have some amazing handmade silver jewellery, funky or traditional, simple or flashy, we have something for all of your sisters. What’s so special about gifting MirrorWhite jewellery.

Well, all our jewellery is handmade by artisans from around the country and south-east asia. Each piece has been designed keeping in mind the quality, design, and uniqueness. It also comes in a small little box with a lovely pouch. If you would like, we can also write a special note for your brother or sister.

We all love our siblings so much, so go on show them some love and gift them something priceless from MirrorWhite!

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The July Birthstone – Rubies

There is no better way to show your love than to gift someone their birthstone. Every month of the year has a birthstone attached to it and for all you people born in July, Rubies are your birthstone. No other stone can show us the sheer brilliance of the colour red, the way the ruby does. Rubies arouse the senses and are said to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth, and success in love. Isn’t that a lovely enough reason to gift your loved one a ruby?


Ruby is considered one of the hardest gemstone, other than the diamond, which makes it practical to wear everyday. The color of a ruby is its biggest asset and a top-quality one is extremely rare to find. The most wanted color in a ruby is a dark red, or a dark purplish red.


We at MirrorWhite pride ourselves in only using stones that are precious and semi-precious. One of our bestselling piece is the ruby stud in silver. We also have a whole new range of meenakari rings and a wonderful bracelet with a ruby. This stone is priceless! Owning one, will surely make you feel like a princess.


Do you love rubies? You could think of gifting your wife or girlfriend a wonderful ruby ring that symbolizes the strength of your love. It’s also considered very lucky!

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Love is in the air

Hello Again,

It’s that time of the year when we think red! Excuse me folks I said think not see ;-)On most days of the year we see red very quickly, but come February and we think red.. Aah love is in the air, you say.

Valentine’s Day around the corner and our expectations from our significant other keep rising as the February 14th day approaches closer. So this year I have a revolutionary thought for you ladies!!! Be your own Valentine this year!! And why is that you ask, Because each one of us is worth it, to borrow a much cliche’d line from a popular ad.

MW - Be your Valentine

Love yourself for a change, I don’t mean it any selfish or narcisstic sense. Respect yourself, blemishes and all, truly revel in yourself, set some time aside for yourself , even if you have a date. Go buy that red dress and go out with some friends.

The shoes, bag, heart shaped ring, earring that you have been eyeing. Indulge yourself , cause you have earned it.

Go shop, dress up party and simply be happy in your own skin this Valentine!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to me and to you in advance!!!

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