Beat the Summer with Our Colourful Silver Jewellery

Its summer and we all seem to be waiting for the rains already. Well, last few days of summer so add some fun by breaking open the dramatic coloured accessories from your jewel boxes! Brighten your days even more with bold and colourful jewellery from MirrorWhite. Earrings are the main players of the season because they don’t stick to your skin and you can flaunt them even with your hair tied up. Next is the ring. Isn’t wearing what is right for you and  comfortable in the heat more important than staying in trend? Also, you can never go out of style with sterling silver jewellery (especially!). So, MirrorWhite brings to you colourful silver jewellery for office and special occasions so you can walk out in style every sunny morning.

Disco Blue

mw mw1

The colour blue is so refreshing to the eyes especially when it comes on our favourite pieces of jewellery. The blue meenakari earrings (Rs.1000) is simple yet eye-catching with its enamel work. And this band ring (Rs.1350) will bring a touch of modern elegance to your summer wear. No fuss just plain simple jewellery to add the fun element to your clothes this summer. Check out our most colourful collection of meenakari jewellery here

Bold Red

mw3 mw2

Forget your delicate trinkets and embrace these stylish and funky Prism red agate earring (Rs.3450) and ring (Rs.1550)  and you will be all set to flaunt for a party.

Refreshing Turquoise

mw4 mw22

Apart from the regular colours, turquoise is a classy choice by itself that takes over the runways. So, you could imagine the heights of beauty when it’s on your jewellery! These lovely sea green turquoise earring (Rs.1650) and blue turquoise ring (Rs.1550) are sure to lift your spirits with a good dose of eccentricity. Check out our entire range of Turquoise Jewellery here

Festive Pink




With pink dangler earring (Rs.1200) and chunky ring (Rs.4100) you’re all set to to kill those already set fashion statements. The lovely combination of these enamel pink earrings and ring is something out-of-the-box!

Vibrant Purple

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Saving the best for the last, colour pop purple from your jewel box to top the list. Give a bigger punch of fashion this summer with the amethyst purple earring (Rs.1700) and amethyst purple ring (Rs.1350). Both the earring and ring are made with an amethyst stone giving it a royal look.

Check out our entire range of Amethyst Silver Jewellery here

Go dramatic and colour yourself happy and bright this summer. Show us your maxed out summer look by tagging us on instagram or find us on facebook mirrorwhiteindia


Mirror White at India Beach Fashion Week

For the very first time, MirrorWhite will be showcasing their fabulous range of Handcrafted Silver Jewellery at Pop it Up Goa on 6th, 7th, and 8th March at the Goa Mariott Resort & Spa in Collaboration with India Beach Fashion Week. We are thrilled to be a part of this show, firstly because we get to be in this amazing beach destination 😉 Who can ever say no to being in Goa. The great vibes, the beach, the lovely free-spirited people and the food! We decided to jump on this opportunity and be a part of this fun-filled event, and to top it all the fashion week will bring in lots of craziness and glam to the event. Now coming back to business, we have a lot of great jewellery that will be on display, take a look for yourself!
Bracelet_01 SUP_5226-1-2
Classy, Timeless and Handmade – Silver Jewellery that will set you apart! We will be sharing lots of photographs from our event so stay tuned for lots more. For now, if you’re in Goa, don’t forget to visit us at Stall No 26, MirrorWhite to view our spectacular range of silver jewellery. You won’t regret it! Ah! and if you happen to read this blog, you can say the words GoGoa and take 15% off your order total at the show.
Floral-2 SUP_5020-1

Walk like an Egyptian and Dress like one too!

The last one year has been a rollercoaster ride for us at MirrorWhite! Running a new business and growing organically means wearing multiple hats at the same time. It’s an exciting period but also stressful at the same time. You need to meet you sales, manage your expenses, do your marketing, develop new product lines, and so on and so forth. It’s always a never ending list of tasks! In the bargain, I have learnt a lot and Thanks to the support of friends and family, we have come a long way since we started in June 2014.

Today, it’s a good feeling to see one of our first luxury collection getting noticed in social media and getting the kind of appreciation we never expected. Yes, we are talking about our Egyptian Collection. We spent days and months developing this line of jewellery, from the concept, to the designs, to the colors, to sourcing the stones, to manufacturing, and finally to see the finished piece in your hand is the best feeling in the world.

Egyptian Collection – in the making

It started with a concept as simple as taking inspiration from Egypt and we built on that to bring to you something beautiful, unique – something that if worn will make a style statement. We wanted to fuse together western and Indian, so it can be matched beautifully with both types of clothing. Why should jewellery always be restrictive? Shouldn’t we be able to style it with whatever kind of clothing we wear?

Manoj working on the Egyptian Earrings
Turquoise and Lapis Stones Sourced 🙂










Another exciting thing that came about with this new launch was our photoshoot by Supriya Suryanarayanan in Bangalore. It was so much fun to do our first ever photo shoot and she managed to capture the jewellery so beautifully that all of effort and time put in just made sense in the end! Oh and we also ran a fun contest on what you like about Egypt and gave away a gift voucher from MirrorWhite worth Rs. 5000 on Social Media! We also had a winner, Nazia!

Behind the scenes at the MirrorWhite Photoshoot

Today, in this overcrowded market place, consumers have a 100 choices to look for but we at MirrorWhite hope that you enjoy what we are bringing to you. We are learning along the way but our motto remains the same, we want to bring to you, unique – one of a kind – handmade silver jewellery that is wearable, fun, stylish yet not over the top. We want you to feel special when you wear it! We want you to remember us and the effort that has been put into making each piece of jewellery by our artisans across India. We are excited to be a part of this journey and will be bringing to you more such collections in the future!

The Falcon Pendant

So tell us what you think? Do you like our new Egyptian collection? Notice the prisms, the falcons, the lovely blue colours, the turquoise and lapis, and most of all the hard work put into each piece by the craftsman….

Egyptian Inspired Bracelets







Our Model, Shweta looked lovely in these earrings! The best part, the photographs were taken in broad sunlight with no makeup on her. Just the natural look, which I feel brings out the beauty in a person!

The Cleopatra Chandbali

Want to take a look at our entire egyptian collection? Check it out here :

All MirrorWhite jewellery is made in 925 Silver, handmade with precious and semi-precious stones.

The July Birthstone – Rubies

There is no better way to show your love than to gift someone their birthstone. Every month of the year has a birthstone attached to it and for all you people born in July, Rubies are your birthstone. No other stone can show us the sheer brilliance of the colour red, the way the ruby does. Rubies arouse the senses and are said to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth, and success in love. Isn’t that a lovely enough reason to gift your loved one a ruby?


Ruby is considered one of the hardest gemstone, other than the diamond, which makes it practical to wear everyday. The color of a ruby is its biggest asset and a top-quality one is extremely rare to find. The most wanted color in a ruby is a dark red, or a dark purplish red.


We at MirrorWhite pride ourselves in only using stones that are precious and semi-precious. One of our bestselling piece is the ruby stud in silver. We also have a whole new range of meenakari rings and a wonderful bracelet with a ruby. This stone is priceless! Owning one, will surely make you feel like a princess.


Do you love rubies? You could think of gifting your wife or girlfriend a wonderful ruby ring that symbolizes the strength of your love. It’s also considered very lucky!

Check out our range of ruby silver jewellery here


Just another Monday….

Have you ever felt that you need a break, even though you just had one less than a month ago? Well, this could be because I am still a twenty something,(almost 30 :p, but who wants to ever agree to that 😉 ) married, with no children so I can decide to go on a vacation a night before, if I want to. Alas, life isn’t so simple, and sometimes even taking a vacation requires a lot of planning, co-ordination, permission once you’re married. Anyway, the last few days I seem to be on that mode of life, where I just need a getaway. Honestly speaking, I have always had the urge to travel the world and see every nook and corner of it. It still continues to be my second biggest dream! after my first which is making MirrorWhite, the world’s preferred Handmade Jewelry Store. So, while I was working and still dreaming about my next vacation, I realized I had a small dinner to attend this evening and I really wasn’t in the mood to dress up so I decided to wear a simple dress and match it with one of my MirrorWhite silver earrings. It’s amazing how earrings can change your entire look! I have always been the simple and elegant girl, don’t like jewellery thats over the top. Check it out here, Do you like them?

IMG_0461 (1)

Don’t forget to check out the entire collection of silver jewellery at

PS. The long sleek black ones are my favorite, I seem to be wearing them whenever I want something light-weight yet trendy!


The story of MirrorWhite!

I am not usually the first one to write a blog, it takes a bit of pushing to actually sit down and pen down my thoughts. But, today is a special day, a day where each one of us is being celebrated, whether you’re a homemaker who loves to take care of her home and family, an aspiring entrepreneur, a woman working in a corporate or if you’re a CEO of a company, today is our day, we need to be proud of where we have come from and also of all that we have accomplished however big or small. Being a woman has been the toughest in today’s times, don’t you think so? but also the most rewarding because of the freedom given to us to choose our path.

Today, I would like to tell you a little story of how I started MirrorWhite. From a young age, I had always wanted to start a business, this could be because I belong to a family of entrepreneurs. After completing my MBA in the US, I decided to move back to India to start something. Not knowing what and how I would do it, all I had was a deep desire to do something on my own. After months of research, development of the product line, online store and to top it all my wedding, MirrorWhite was born in June 2014 a few months after my marriage. Getting MirrorWhite started and bringing it to where it is today has not been easy but with the support of my family, husband, and a few friends, we are doing some wonderful work. Last year, We also started an online store in the United States, again run by two lovely women, Manju & Indrani who took the plunge into entrepreneurship at a much later stage in life. 10929010_863936726961537_4700608211430028624_n11061210_1605475979722260_5122399084625691160_n

The last two years have been a wonderful joy ride and we hope in the years to come we continue to inspire, give back to society, and create jewellery that is timeless and has a story to tell.

If you’re in the US, check out our online store and if you’re in India, check out, if you still haven’t.

It’s never too late to be who you want to be, is a quote I live by every day of life. What’s your story?


Love is in the air

Hello Again,

It’s that time of the year when we think red! Excuse me folks I said think not see ;-)On most days of the year we see red very quickly, but come February and we think red.. Aah love is in the air, you say.

Valentine’s Day around the corner and our expectations from our significant other keep rising as the February 14th day approaches closer. So this year I have a revolutionary thought for you ladies!!! Be your own Valentine this year!! And why is that you ask, Because each one of us is worth it, to borrow a much cliche’d line from a popular ad.

MW - Be your Valentine

Love yourself for a change, I don’t mean it any selfish or narcisstic sense. Respect yourself, blemishes and all, truly revel in yourself, set some time aside for yourself , even if you have a date. Go buy that red dress and go out with some friends.

The shoes, bag, heart shaped ring, earring that you have been eyeing. Indulge yourself , cause you have earned it.

Go shop, dress up party and simply be happy in your own skin this Valentine!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to me and to you in advance!!!

Oh and don’t forget to check out the amazing offers we have in store for you till 14th February on 🙂


Welcome to MirrorWhite

“Be your own kind of beautiful, with the right jewellery adorning your body”

Mirror White narrates a story – a story of handcrafted beauty. Each piece of jewellery is an ode to beauty and love. It makes a statement that cannot be expressed in words, as every single piece exudes captivating splendor.

The Saga Begins

The brand comes to you from the well-known house of Zaveri Bros. Jewellers, who have already etched a name for themselves in gold and diamond jewellery. Mirror White is the brainchild of Roshni Chetan Hinduja, who grew up amidst Zaveri jewellery and diamonds.

Roshni was in her 20s when she realised India still lacks classy, elegant and yet affordable jewellery. Thus, she started her journey into the world of Sterling Silver jewellery creation and culminated it as Mirror White.

The Saga Continues

The silver jewellery is handcrafted for the contemporary woman, who is confident, feminine and selective. Coupled with precious and semi-precious gemstones, you get masterpieces that are timeless in nature.

Citrine Drops

The unique designs and styles have been fashioned for the woman, who wants to hold on to her feminine side without appearing ostentatious. Each piece allows the woman to make a style and fashion statement and stand out in a crowded room for her sheer elegance. The jewellery complements every woman’s personality and yet it is affordable and within reach.

The Timeless Collection

We offer a wide and comprehensive collection to satisfy every woman’s requirements and taste. Right from contemporary earring designs to traditional jhumkis to elegant bracelets, pendants and classic chains, you can get them all. There is jewellery for every occasion – everyday wear and vibrant ones for special occasions.

Silver Etchings

The earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces bring their own personality that blends seamlessly with the woman’s personality.

The Turquoise Collection
                                The Turquoise Collection

Be sure to browse through the recently introduced Turquoise Collection comprising of turquoise jewellery. Turquoise pendants, Floral drops, Circle of Love pendants and Turquoise circles are some of the pieces you can pick up at unbelievable prices.

The team at Mirrorwhite is continually adding new styles and designs to their portfolio. The new collections in the coming months will be the Starry Night and Silver Linings that will please the senses of every woman.

Shop Like Never Before

Mirror White has an online retail store knowing the modern woman is too busy juggling many hats. Pay for the jewellery with PAYU, Visa, MasterCard and Debit Cards from all major banks. There is also the convenience of COD (cash on delivery).

The prices of jewellery are down-to-earth and affordable. Orders are shipped within 1 to 3 days, while custom orders take anywhere from 10 to 15 days to ship. Whether you are looking for jewellery to go with a traditional ensemble or elegant danglers to wear to work, you will find something for every occasion and need!

A modern woman can make the right statement with the right accessories. But Mirror White is more than just an accessory. It is an extension of who are and what you want to be. It is inseparable from you.

Mirror White – a name that evokes dreams, mystical magic, allure and magnificence. How can you go wrong when you wear a Mirror White creation?

You can check out their entire line of silver jewellery on

By Maanasi Radhakrishnan