Say It With Flowers!


Floral Enamel Necklace

What could speak to Women more than a bouquet of flowers made into jewellery? Jewellery in floral designs has always graced the attires of people since ancient times irrespective of social status. Floral designs are a perennial theme in art.

A lovely, flowery neck piece to welcome the special days and to impress your friends with your accessorizing abilities. Isn’t that dreamy?

Floral Enamel Necklace is one such darling necklace that you’ll be completely obsessed with and love more and more each day. It is made from 925 sterling silver featuring vintage flowers, enamel coating, pearls and stones onto a single strand sterling silver chain and it’s a killer! The novel design is handmade and yields an ethnic appearance.

The Floral Enamel Necklace is all about celebrating women who embrace simplicity. It has been crafted with love by MirrorWhite for the women who know their splendour. Graceful as they come, the one thing that binds them is their confidence. Similarly, the Floral Enamel Necklace comes veiled in elegance, composure, and beauty. Because you deserve to be reminded how beautiful you are!

This necklace is suitable for special occasions as well – perhaps as a guest at a wedding, master of ceremony in family dinner and any occasion you could think of. Moreover, it is light in weight, looks classy and made of 925 pure silver. Could you ask for more?

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