Handmade Silver Jewellery from Thailand

Thailand is not just known for relaxing beaches, and glittering temples; Thai silver, gold and precious gems are praiseworthy too. Additionally, the country is not only blessed with jewel resources, but also with skilled artisans.









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The history behind Thailand’s highly-developed silver and gems run deep through many generations of Thai people.


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The most astonishing intricate detailing on silver jewellery is native to Northern Thailand. It incorporates many techniques, encompassing influences from ancient Hindu traders, Burmese refugees, Shan tribes and various hill tribes of Northern Thailand and the surrounding area.


Northern Thai silver is famous for its highest level of purity (often up to 99.9%), and for its fine craftsmanship, featuring unique and intricate ethnic details in jewellery.

Today, handmade silver jewelry and ornaments can be found throughout Thailand. The same handcrafting methods used thousands of years ago are still used today by many of Thai’s finest silver jewelry artisans.

MirrorWhite is home to some of the best Thai Jewellery. MirrorWhite is an unconventional store with Thai gemstone and sterling silver jewellery.

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Disc Pearl Drop Earrings





Blings to Update your Wardrobe for Christmas 2017


The year will wrap up in no time, and in no time, it will be Christmas and you will almost feel the chill breeze and see Christmas trees shooting up at homes and malls. To go with the mood of the season, you may want to update your jewellery wardrobe with doses of shiny bling in silver or maybe just gift your secret santa something fun. If for none of the above reasons, you can just gift your special lady something handmade and beautiful. Because what better season than to do it on Christmas Season, where it’s always a joy to receive gifts.

I’ve gathered not just one but ‘five’ of the fun-looking charm earrings that will effortlessly inject a touch of wintertime coziness into your wardrobe. And they are guaranteed to put a smile on any lucky lady’s face this festive season.

MirrorWhite’s delicate Christmas earrings are so pretty you’ll want to wear it all year-long.

Tree of Hearts

These lovely little trees are made from sturdy sterling silver. The extra strong hooks and frame will last a long time to come! They are absolutely gorgeous and will look lovely on anyone at Christmas time!


Prisma Pentagon

I love this sweet, pretty, stud earrings with red enamel work, perfect for the season of Red.


Stars Crown Moon

The elegant teardrops made from moonstone, and a sterling silver cap generates an evergreen festive look. Gently swinging from the hook, it will compliment your outfit this Christmas!


Star Struck

These stunning pair of Triangular Stud Earrings handcrafted in 925 silver. Perfect for Christmas!

ss2254_1_You can always take a look at our entire range of silver jewellery here


Wishing all you lovely people a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!

How to Clean Silver Jewellery: 5 Easy Tricks That Work

Jewellery can preserve its luster and beauty for years only if it’s regularly cleaned and stored with utmost care. But you don’t need an extravagant cleaner to get your silver jewellery to sparkle and your gemstones to shine. Try these everyday items, most of which you probably already have in your house.

Precaution to Prevent Tarnish:

1. Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner not just brings out the best of your hair but also in your jewellery. Who knew that? Try rubbing conditioner on clean silver as a precautionary measure to prevent tarnishing of silver earrings, rings, and chains.

2. Chalk

Silver jewellery will stay shiny if you store a few pieces of chalk in the drawer or jewel box along with them. This is because the chalk absorbs moisture and thereby prevents your favourite silver jewellery from tarnishing.
How to remove tarnish from silver jewellery ?

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste not only whitens your teeth but also your tarnished silver jewellery. Put a little toothpaste on a cloth or an old toothbrush and clean your silver ring or earring to sparkle it. Then rinse and see how it shines!

4. Laundry detergent

Getting rid of tarnish in silver is as easy as doing laundry by adding laundry detergent. To make your silver jewellery sparkle, line a bowl with aluminum foil and fill it with hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent powder (preferably phosphate-free), and soak your silver earrings/rings for at least a minute. Rinse with clean water, and air-dry.

Make your tarnished and dull silver earrings, rings and chains shine like new after cleaning them with these tested hacks. Silver jewellery can last longer without scratches if stored separately from other ornaments in a zip-lock bag. Take a look at the complete guide for jewellery care here. Instead of waiting till the tarnish gets worse, give it a rinse today and make your jewellery shiny and new. Don’t forget to update your collection with MirrorWhite – a hub of handcrafted unique silver jewellery. And yes, watch out this space for the biggest silver jewellery exchange scheme coming your way.

Traditional Jewellery to Sparkle this Diwali

While some festivals are for children, some for older people, only a few are for all. One such high-spirited festival celebrated by people of all age groups is Diwali. And when the festive spirit is in the air; the craze for new clothes, makeup, and jewellery becomes a psychological need.
While growing up, I didn’t enjoy the sound of the Diwali crackers one bit, I only liked seeing the bright lights, eating the sweets, and maybe enjoyed a bit of the noise-less sky crackers and of course enjoyed all the shopping! Today, I am so glad our country has understood the need to stop such noise and air pollution. Why not just leave Diwali as a Festival of Lights? It’s nicer that way, according to me.


Getting to the fun part, dressing up for Diwali is so much fun! Matching your jewellery and clothes and visiting your friends and family is a joyous feeling.

So we at MirrorWhite bring to you ethnic jewellery in the form of earrings, chains, pendants – an exquisite yet affordable range of silver jewellery. Every piece of jewellery is meticulously designed to complement the light within you.


You can never go wrong with a simple yet stunning pure silk saree in a bright colour, can you? Hence, we have picked this oh-so-gorgeous ethnic neckpiece that’s sure to be the spirit of the season.



The charisma of dangle earrings and jhumkas are unparalleled to any other earrings while keeping the neck bare! They add an overall grace to the traditional outlook with a modern tinge and have always ruled the hearts of Indian women.


The quintessential studs are not going out of fashion anytime soon, for all the right reasons! It looks bright, festive, minimal yet rich and comfortable to wear throughout the day.


Every piece of jewellery has the potential to be styled with both modern and traditional attires. Why just sparkle crackers, make your jewellery sparkle too! Flaunt traditional silver jewellery this Diwali and leave the onlookers jaw dropped.

Wishing you a Happy Diwali!

Don’t forget to share your sparkly moments with us. You can email us at contactus@mirrorwhite.in or write to us on our Facebook page.

Wishful Wearing with Bracelets

Jewellery is a powerful way to express oneself. One of them being bracelets which always plays a standout accessory for different reasons and seasons. While some wear bracelet to power up their attire, some to express and impress, and the rest mirroring their favourite celebrity fashion. Whatever the reason, bracelets have always managed to create a style statement. From edgy urban style to free-spirited looks, our sterling silver bracelets and bangles evoke an effortless “It-girl” flair.

The MirrorWhite bracelet collection features delicate and bold chunky bracelets in a stunning array of traditional, contemporary and western designs and colours for the modern woman and kid.

1. Precious Bracelets

Precious bracelets are crystal or gemstone bracelets for women that come in styles as simple or complex as your sentiments. The best part about precious stone bracelets are that they complement any traditional and formal attire.

Crystal and Zircon Bangle


2. Designer Bracelets

Egyptian bracelets from MirrorWhite are designer pieces every woman would love to own. The gold cuff bracelets incorporate intricately crafted designs, stones, enamel painting which speak volumes and adds an oomph factor to your style. These fancy gold plated silver bracelets are perfect when you want to stand out!

Turquoise Egyptian Inspired Bracelet


3. Beaded Bracelets

These silver bracelets comprise of multiple precious beads of various shapes, sizes, and colours. They can be worn by both women and little girls. Beaded bracelet is a perfect choice for fun and casual evenings.

Framed Amber Bracelet


Bracelets are hand-crafted from BIS certified 925 pure silver. Perfect for daily wear and special occasions, MirrorWhite’s bracelets for girls are sure to make heads turn toward you.

Accessorise with Sterling Silver Jewellery

Accessorizing is nothing new under the sun to all of us. For centuries together, we humankind have been decorating ourselves with precious stones and precious metals. Now, irrespective of social status and cultural differences, silver jewellery is the new vogue out. We might expect that silver is just too simple. But plain silver jewellery has loads of patterns and designs on par with jewellery made from any other precious metal. Some are traditional, some contemporary, and some western. You can choose to complement your style depending on its workmanship.

Listed below are some fun ways to upgrade your jewellery game to the big leagues.

1. A Traditional Spin!
Oxidized silver always has a serious traditional statement. The vibrant designs and bold patterns give a stylish traditional spin to your appearance. Oxidized silver jewellery is designed especially for millennials and young women. Oxidized earrings, oxidized necklace and bracelets are perfect for day wear.

    Floral Chandbalis                                         Silver Charm Bangle

1                 2

2. Silver Goes Western!
Silver accessories have always pushed boundaries with its western designs. Matt finished silver jewellery are such stunners that this western trend is catching up. You can totally switch it up and wear these plain silver jewellery with distressed denims. Matt finish silver jewellery is the perfect blend of nailing the Indo-western trend right!

      Filigree Heart Dangle Earrings               Silver Branch Earring   

3                       4

3. Bling Out the Stones!

Contemporary glam is all about adding bling to your look. Right? Despite the jewels being simple, ‘silver jewellery with stones’ make a great impact mixed with a slightly Indian outfit. This look-at-me accessory is a heroine in itself. This is an easy yet beautiful accessory you can try on your SPECIAL days!

     Star Struck Studs                                                 Hasili Choker

6                      7

The best thing about accessorizing silver jewellery is it’s a no brainer for every day wear and also evening parties. MirrorWhite’s range of plain sterling silver jewellery are traditional and contemporary, lust worthy, and on trend!
Shop from one of the largest online silver jewellery collections that’s handcrafted and unique. MirrorWhite wants you to enjoy the experience of choosing and wearing our jewellery that feels as good as it looks. Style up this high end plain silver jewellery and let it shine!


The Super Cute Jewellery for Your Little Girl

Every mother wishes two things for her daughter – happiness in her eyes and jewellery on her ears. A mother’s excitement knows no bounds. Especially when it comes to accessorizing, Mothers begin to load the wardrobe with beautiful accessories to adorn her girl in the cutest way.

1 2

Little girls deserve to be adorned as beautiful as an angel, because that is what she is, an angel! At the same time, parents want what is safe and best for their children. So, choosing the right jewellery metals it essential. Metals made of tolerant (hypoallergenic) materials such as 14, 18, 24-karat gold and sterling silver are not likely to cause allergic reactions.

3 4

Have you heard of the saying, “Born with the Silver Spoon in the mouth?” Do you see the connection now? Silver and silverware have so many excellent properties which make it safe and non-toxic from other metals. Maybe that’s the reason our ancestors used silver cups to feed milk to babies. Whereas in imitation jewellery, there is a strong possibility of materials like lead and cadmium that are highly dangerous because of their toxicity.

5 6


MirrorWhite offers cute silver chains and silver studs for kids with the round-cornered finish. Check the unique and handmade butterfly earrings, flower earrings, heart shaped earrings, animal and fish earrings, and much more. You can also find smooth thread bracelets and chains at a pocket-friendly price.

7 8


Even if this silver jewellery is likely to come into contact with the mouth of children, you have nothing to be worried about. Because silver is an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, immunity booster, coolant, and silver has no expiry date. Moreover, the cute earrings and pendants will not overburden the delicate skin of your girl. It is because, these adorable jewels are light-weight, round-cornered (smooth finish with no sharp edges), BIS certified 925 silver.

The beauty of this jewellery is that she can wear them on every day and slip the charms on when going out for something special. Your little girl will not only be more at ease but will also look adorable!

So what are you waiting for? Sit down with your little girl, go through the collections, and pick jewellery that will widen her smile.

We just can’t wait to see your little angel sparkle!

You’re also welcome to share photos and videos of your little angel trying out these.

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Silver Jewellery Monsoon Sale: Flat 25% Off

The on-going “Monsoon Sale” aims to offer young girls their urban and ethnic look. Get a discount of flat 25% on silver jewellery, in other words, in the entire store. With MirrorWhite, the design and price of silver jewelry are always “what you see is what you get.”

As a form of celebration for the season, MirrorWhite sale kicks off nose pins, earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and anklets on discount.

Nose Pins on Sale

Nose pin, a favourite fashion accessory with teenagers and working women that makes her more beautiful. Our outstanding piece in this deal is the butterfly nose pin, antique peacock nose pin, antique mango nose pin, and much more.


Earrings on Sale

Simple or intricate, a pair of earrings blends your appearance and attire with no stroke of mascara. Some of our exceptional classics on sale are jhumka earrings, stud earrings, statement earrings and drop earrings.


Pendants on Sale

The timeless classic pendants are on 25% off! You can choose from MirrorWhite’s exclusive collection of silver pendants and chains such as filigree heart pendant, stella pearl, and smoky topaz.


Rings on Sale

Rings have always been in vogue when it comes to styling; they are mandatory! And that’s why you should grab some this season and look ravishing. Our creative variety of contrast styles include the bold lapis ring, antique band ring, and enameled mango shaped ring.


Bracelets on Sale

Redefine workwear jewellery with the glam collection of bracelets. Our best pieces are infinity heart bracelet, chakra bracelet, and delicate sweet simple bangle bracelet.


Make hay while the sun shines as silver jewellery seldom comes on sale! This special monsoon offer gives you the rare opportunity to buy unique handmade silver jewellery at a pocket-friendly price.

Monsoon Sale: Flat 25% Off @ MirrorWhite


The most enjoyable season, Monsoon, has arrived and so has our SALE!!

After all, what could be better than the earthy smell, chill breeze, and the sound of the rain, right? Rainy days are memorable days with sipping piping hot tea, and a plate full of spicy pakodas, after an energetic rain dance 😉

As the clouds start to thunder, MirrorWhite’s Monsoon SALE remind us why monsoon is the best happy season. From chic nose pins to classy silver chains to statement earrings, I promise you’ll be spoilt for choice. Update your jewellery wardrobe with the latest trends at an eye-popping Flat 25% off on ALL products!!


Got a weekend lunch around the corner? A friend’s wedding to attend? Need some fabulous accessories? Beauty pendant set, Onyx pendant set, Tassel Necklace, are the grand jewellery for you. Shop from home because you’re too beautiful to get drenched in the monsoon rain while looking for a parking spot!

In addition to this, you could also buy gifts in advance for weddings, birthdays & festivals in the coming months. Band rings, Crystal Jhumki, Onyx bracelet, Heart pendant & Heart earring are some really good choices. In fact, if you’ve been planning on buying some statement pieces, monsoon sale is the perfect reason for the season to purchase newbies.

Monsoon is the ideal time to stock up things you love especially those which do not come with an expiry date. Because “special products seldom come on sale!” Click on our one-stop-shop e-store for all your silver jewellery needs. Moreover, they’re monsoon appropriate and easy on the wallet too.

Give in to your fashion cravings and make sure your jewel boxes are updated with the trendiest and the dashing. Browse through the endless categories of sterling silver accessories that are loaded with – pentagon earring, antique jhumka, a filigree pendant, golden bracelets, pearl necklace & fancy meenakari set. Pamper the fashionistas in you at MirrorWhite with the Flat 25% Off Sale and treat yourself to an envy-worthy wardrobe full of fascinating pieces this monsoon.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to celebrate the Monsoon with the yet another reason for the season and grab your favourites NOW!

Jhumkas For Every Occasion

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art” – Oscar Wilde

A woman and her jewellery are inseparable. Whatever the occasion be, she does not forget her earrings. It makes her look more elegant and stylish at the same time. Jhumka earrings are one of the can’t-miss-pieces that leave everyone jaw-dropped! Whatever the occasion be, there is a Jhumka for every attire.

You may ask, why Jhumka earrings? Because Jhumka gives birth to a gorgeous look that can harmonize with any occasion. Be it your friend’s wedding, lunch date or even dressing up for work. They’re so gracefully traditional! No matter what you wear, a pair of jhumkas will match your dress perfectly, and that’s why the fashion gurus say, “When in doubt wear jhumkas.” 😉 Jhumkis or Jhumkas online are available in a variety of designs, colours & patterns.

Choosing the right jhumka for an occasion can be mind-boggling. So, here I shed some light on picking jhumkas for various occasions and events.

  1. Jhumkas for Weddings / Festivals

Well, gold jhumkas have always been the sought-after jewellery for pompous occasions. These gold-plated silver jhumkas like Evergreen Traditional Coral Bell Jhumka, Traditional South Indian Red Onyx Jhumki, & Kundan Mango Shaped Paisley Jhumkas a are perfect when you choose to wear grand saree, lehenga, salwar. Party-ready women from every corner have fallen head over heels for golden jhumkas.

Tip: Keep your neck simple and your hair tied up so that the focus will be on jhumkas. Your makeup, however, can be dramatic and you’ll surely nail it.

1 2 3

  1. Jhumkas for Parties / Casual Events

4 5

Big silver jhumkas would do wonders to your party look! Also, the pearl enamel jhumkas above are the perfect blend of Western and Indian. Hence, it is essential to choose the right pair of earrings that complement party outfits like a skirt and crop top, and palazzo. Dangler Multi Lined Step Jhumka & Pearl Crystal Quartz Jhumki Earrings are two such charming silver jhumkas online.

Tip: With a contemporary fishtail braid flaunt your silver jhumkas in style. The jhumka can stand alone as a statement piece to your look.


  1. Jhumkas for Everyday / Work

6 7

Jhumkas are like cakes! “Cake is for life, not just for birthdays.” Similarly, jhumkas aren’t just made for weddings and other grand occasions. For college, we have Harsh Meenakari Pink Jhumki & Chakra Jhumka, and for work, we have beautiful Pearl Filigree Jhumki & Antique Jhumka. They go well with a kurti, salwar kameez, and westerns! These silver jhumkas online are nothing short of radiant.

Tip: For a day when you really need a lift, braid your hair with western casuals and kurtis.

There is a lot more in store for you! Buy silver jhumkas online at MirrorWhite, known for its stunning variety of jhumka earrings online that you can wear for multiple occasions. Now flaunt your jhumkas at every opportunity. Can’t wait to see you sparkle!