Handmade Silver Jewellery from Thailand

Thailand is not just known for relaxing beaches, and glittering temples; Thai silver, gold and precious gems are praiseworthy too. Additionally, the country is not only blessed with jewel resources, but also with skilled artisans.









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The history behind Thailand’s highly-developed silver and gems run deep through many generations of Thai people.


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The most astonishing intricate detailing on silver jewellery is native to Northern Thailand. It incorporates many techniques, encompassing influences from ancient Hindu traders, Burmese refugees, Shan tribes and various hill tribes of Northern Thailand and the surrounding area.


Northern Thai silver is famous for its highest level of purity (often up to 99.9%), and for its fine craftsmanship, featuring unique and intricate ethnic details in jewellery.

Today, handmade silver jewelry and ornaments can be found throughout Thailand. The same handcrafting methods used thousands of years ago are still used today by many of Thai’s finest silver jewelry artisans.

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