A Letter to All Mothers!


I love that we set aside a whole day to honour our mothers who raised us with everything in their power. Whether it’s the mom who devoted a good 20 years of her life only raising us or the mother who juggled between her work and raising us, we definitely need to salute them for all that they have done. I have an amazing mother who still continues to support me even in my 30’s. She is strong, independent, positive, hardworking, supportive, and someone who has always moved with the times and not made me feel for a single moment that “my mom is old-fashioned”. We are two sisters, and she has raised us beautifully that I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done and continues to do. I don’t think you completely realise the value of your mom till you become one yourself and now that I am so close to becoming one myself, this mother’s day means a lot more than all the ones in the past.

So go out there today and cherish all the moments you have spent with your mother. Your mother gave up her life just to put a smile on your face and continues to do so. If you’re a new mother or going to be one, just remember you’re entering the most rewarding part of your life. And there will be days when you will be overwhelmed and exhausted but just remember “this too shall pass.” Every phase of your child must be appreciated because nothing lasts forever and in no time your children will grow up and not need you as much as they did so before. So, go out there and be the best mom you can be and don’t forget to do these top five things:

1) Cook for your kids – There is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal cooked by your mother, and I can say that for a fact because even though I am 30 something woman, I still crave to eat my mom’s food. So, don’t deprive them of this!


2) Play with them – No matter how tired you’re everyday, make some time to play with them and read to them. These are your special bonding times, and they won’t come back


3) Hug them tight – Nothing is more warming than receiving a hug from your mom. So if your kid ever runs up to you, leave everything you’re doing and give them a tight hug


4) Appreciate them – Every kid is special so please don’t compare your kids to others. Take the time to appreciate all the little things they do to make you feel special


5) Tell them you love them – There isn’t a better feeling than hearing the words “I love you” from your mother. So, always tell your kids how much you love them!

I hope all you mothers feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s day and no matter which phase of motherhood you’re in, remember you’re doing your best and that you’re loved.

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