Blings to Update your Wardrobe for Christmas 2017


The year will wrap up in no time, and in no time, it will be Christmas and you will almost feel the chill breeze and see Christmas trees shooting up at homes and malls. To go with the mood of the season, you may want to update your jewellery wardrobe with doses of shiny bling in silver or maybe just gift your secret santa something fun. If for none of the above reasons, you can just gift your special lady something handmade and beautiful. Because what better season than to do it on Christmas Season, where it’s always a joy to receive gifts.

I’ve gathered not just one but ‘five’ of the fun-looking charm earrings that will effortlessly inject a touch of wintertime coziness into your wardrobe. And they are guaranteed to put a smile on any lucky lady’s face this festive season.

MirrorWhite’s delicate Christmas earrings are so pretty you’ll want to wear it all year-long.

Tree of Hearts

These lovely little trees are made from sturdy sterling silver. The extra strong hooks and frame will last a long time to come! They are absolutely gorgeous and will look lovely on anyone at Christmas time!


Prisma Pentagon

I love this sweet, pretty, stud earrings with red enamel work, perfect for the season of Red.


Stars Crown Moon

The elegant teardrops made from moonstone, and a sterling silver cap generates an evergreen festive look. Gently swinging from the hook, it will compliment your outfit this Christmas!


Star Struck

These stunning pair of Triangular Stud Earrings handcrafted in 925 silver. Perfect for Christmas!

ss2254_1_You can always take a look at our entire range of silver jewellery here

Wishing all you lovely people a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!

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