How to Clean Silver Jewellery: 5 Easy Tricks That Work

Jewellery can preserve its luster and beauty for years only if it’s regularly cleaned and stored with utmost care. But you don’t need an extravagant cleaner to get your silver jewellery to sparkle and your gemstones to shine. Try these everyday items, most of which you probably already have in your house.

Precaution to Prevent Tarnish:

1. Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner not just brings out the best of your hair but also in your jewellery. Who knew that? Try rubbing conditioner on clean silver as a precautionary measure to prevent tarnishing of silver earrings, rings, and chains.

2. Chalk

Silver jewellery will stay shiny if you store a few pieces of chalk in the drawer or jewel box along with them. This is because the chalk absorbs moisture and thereby prevents your favourite silver jewellery from tarnishing.
How to remove tarnish from silver jewellery ?

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste not only whitens your teeth but also your tarnished silver jewellery. Put a little toothpaste on a cloth or an old toothbrush and clean your silver ring or earring to sparkle it. Then rinse and see how it shines!

4. Laundry detergent

Getting rid of tarnish in silver is as easy as doing laundry by adding laundry detergent. To make your silver jewellery sparkle, line a bowl with aluminum foil and fill it with hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent powder (preferably phosphate-free), and soak your silver earrings/rings for at least a minute. Rinse with clean water, and air-dry.

Make your tarnished and dull silver earrings, rings and chains shine like new after cleaning them with these tested hacks. Silver jewellery can last longer without scratches if stored separately from other ornaments in a zip-lock bag. Take a look at the complete guide for jewellery care here. Instead of waiting till the tarnish gets worse, give it a rinse today and make your jewellery shiny and new. Don’t forget to update your collection with MirrorWhite – a hub of handcrafted unique silver jewellery. And yes, watch out this space for the biggest silver jewellery exchange scheme coming your way.

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