Say It With Flowers!


Floral Enamel Necklace

What could speak to Women more than a bouquet of flowers made into jewellery? Jewellery in floral designs has always graced the attires of people since ancient times irrespective of social status. Floral designs are a perennial theme in art.

A lovely, flowery neck piece to welcome the special days and to impress your friends with your accessorizing abilities. Isn’t that dreamy?

Floral Enamel Necklace is one such darling necklace that you’ll be completely obsessed with and love more and more each day. It is made from 925 sterling silver featuring vintage flowers, enamel coating, pearls and stones onto a single strand sterling silver chain and it’s a killer! The novel design is handmade and yields an ethnic appearance.

The Floral Enamel Necklace is all about celebrating women who embrace simplicity. It has been crafted with love by MirrorWhite for the women who know their splendour. Graceful as they come, the one thing that binds them is their confidence. Similarly, the Floral Enamel Necklace comes veiled in elegance, composure, and beauty. Because you deserve to be reminded how beautiful you are!

This necklace is suitable for special occasions as well – perhaps as a guest at a wedding, master of ceremony in family dinner and any occasion you could think of. Moreover, it is light in weight, looks classy and made of 925 pure silver. Could you ask for more?

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Who Said Bracelets Can’t Be Worn As An Anklet?

Ever since Jennifer Lopez wore her anklet to the Golden Globe Awards, I’ve been thinking about all possible ways I could repurpose the stuff in my jewellery box as Anklet.

Anklets are cool, but the ankle bling is usually so understated itself that it can be non-mandatory with any shoes or clothes. But, Anklet is a subtle bit of sparkle where you expect it the least. New trends emerge every day, and that doesn’t mean you necessarily will have to buy new stuff to stay stylish. Here is a little trick to turn a bracelet into an anklet anytime you want.

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Yes, of course, a bracelet can be worn as an Anklet. For sure! You can’t really tell the difference. But not all bracelets can be worn as Anklets if they are chunky or small in size. Maybe you already have the perfect bracelet that could be a lovely Anklet, but unfortunately, it’s too short to be one. With thread bracelets the sky is the limit and it’s easy, quick and even better transformation can be done in a snap.

As you prefer multi-purpose household items, MirrorWhite introduces you to a versatile 2-in-1 Bracelet cum Anklet. Whether you’re a free-spirited fashionista or a modest diva, silver anklets have got you covered. Anklets which accent casual attires are usually worn in summer or at times when the legs and feet are exposed or when you want to draw attention to that area.

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Since time immemorial, Indian women wore anklets, and it has now become fashionable around the world only since the 20th century. Anklets were traced to the Bronze Age and bracelets were used as early as 5000 BC in Egypt. Click through our handmade silver bracelets to a perfectly stacked ankle.

What do you think of this hot new anklet idea?

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8 Non-Boring Stud Earrings That You Can Wear Every Day

maImage source:  thechicsdepartment

Life isn’t perfect, but your studs can be! Earrings have the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. People will stare, make it worth their while. Adorn these exotic studs from MirrorWhite that have the luxury of minute detailing.

You Were Not Made To Be Subtle!



Every day is a fashion show, and the world is the runway. So wear bold and bright, because she who leaves a trail of glitter is not ever forgotten! Give yourself instant sparkle with this blue enamel stud. This sterling silver stud draws attention to the ear with its intentional crisscross-ness. Pairs well both with western and ethnic wears. (Pari Enamel Square Studs, Rs.700)

Elegance Is The Only Beauty That Never Fades!


Elegance is not about being noticed; it’s about being remembered. And jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive. Keep yours with this elegant stud. If you don’t want anything too dramatic, try these timeless silver amethyst studs. It adds just the right amount of bling to your outfit. (Classical Amethyst Birthstone Stud Earrings, Rs.1600)

In A World Full Of Trends, I Want To Remain A Classic!mmn

Jewellery is like the perfect spice; it always complements what’s already there! Pearls are always appropriate to make every day feel special. This stud may look conventional, but these smashing little pearl studs are quite neutral and sweet which paves the way to match with almost all of your clothes. It is the contemporary take on pearls! (Chakra Pearl Enamel Studs, Rs.1000)

More Is More and Less Is a Bore!


Jewellery is like ice cream. There’s always room for more. Not only that, they can go from day to night with a swap of your top. This classic stud looks stunning on its own or layered with a dazzling gold kada bracelet. The prism design and orange cold enamel work offer a touch of charm too. (Prisma Pentagon Orange Enamel Studs, Rs.2450)

Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Jewellery!


It’s time to let the owls land on your ears with these funky earrings. Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise, it is not a luxury. This stud may be tiny, but they make a funky statement. It is made of pure 925 sterling silver by skilful artisans. Pick these interesting studs for your daily wear. (Owl Studs, Rs.850)

Follow Your Butterflies!


Meet the cute version of a butterfly draped in silver and get ready to chase your dreams. This is the minimalist’s solution to stud earrings which offers an understated glamour. Also available in the most sought-after colour, pink! Add just enough sparkle to your college or office. (The Blue Butterfly, Rs. 950)

Into Every Girl’s Life a Little Heart Should Fall

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Carry love wherever you go. Gift these to your “special one” in your life. This stud may be tiny, but the wired work certainly packs a punch. It is a real masterpiece; small, but not subtle! This heart earring summons the heart and soul of vintage fashion. (Wired Heart Stud Earrings, Rs. 900)


I See Bold Accessories As A Woman’s Armour 

It’s one thing to have a dream; it’s another thing to own a dream. Own these fantasy stud which has a tough-meets-sweet sensibility. The inverted triangle earring nails the host of geometric shapes in jewellery trends. You can pair them with your weekend or work wear westerns, and you’re sure to stand out. (Mirror Triangular Studs, Rs.1250)l

Don’t save something for a special occasion, everyday of your life is a special occasion. Live each day like it’s your birthday. Gift yourself these amazing statement studs. Because “Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.”

Buy hand-made sterling silver studs from MirrorWhite here.

The Women of Today

It is uplifting to see how ordinary women today are speaking up for their rights. The fresh voices that stand tall in social media are not the voices of celebrities or politicians but 3 Indian women – Sunayna Dumala, Gurmehar Kaur & Gurpreet Kaur, who raised awareness about the issues that affect them.

In just over a couple of days’ time, we will be celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8), saluting the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We are encouraged to voice out, how each one of us (women) must stand by women in these testing times. So, they’re not ignored or mocked upon. That is the real test for Women’s Day! How all of us are standing by each other!


Sunayna Dumala


Sunayna Dumala raised poignant questions about the country she called home after her husband, Srinivas Kuchibhotla (Indian techie) was killed in a mindless attack at a bar in Olathe county in Kansas. Citing Dumala who asked the one question that’s in every immigrant’s mind, “DO WE BELONG HERE?” “Is this the same country we dreamed of and is it still secure to raise our families and children here?” Her Facebook post of outpouring emotion shows her devastation of being an immigrant in the US after her husband’s murder. By raising her voice, Dumala hopes that her husband can aid as a lasting symbol of the impact of hate crimes on immigrants in America. “Many a time, these issues are talked about for a few weeks and people tend to forget about them afterwards, but the fight must go on towards eliminating hatred from the minds of people,” said Dumala.

Gurmehar Kaur



The 20-year-old student, Gurmehar Kaur, raised her voice on intolerance against the AVBP clashes at DU. This went viral and took a political turn, with leaders and celebrities commenting on her statement and calling her anti-national. Kaur’s video post on Twitter which read: “Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him.” Gurmehar Kaur’s father, a captain in the Indian army, was killed in an attack on a military camp near the de facto border with Pakistan in 1999. Her controversial remarks on Pakistan received with many trolling online and threatening her with physical violence and rape. Women are standing up for her and that is the real change!


Gurpreet Kaur


Gurpreet Kaur is a 21-year-old UK-based Sikh girl who has become a celebrity on Instagram and Facebook with her ridiculously hard fitness game. She is winning hearts with her insane callisthenics workout routines, weight training, and yoga. With over 17,000 followers on Instagram and receiving over a thousand likes regularly for her incredible fitness moves, “Fitness Kaur” has become quite the social media sensation. Born to an English mother and a Punjabi father, Gurpreet has always felt a strong connection with her Sikh roots. After writing her name during the Amrit Sanchar (Sikh ceremony), the fitness routine hit her mind, body, and soul. The turbaned Kaur prefers Shabads (Sikh hymns) as her workout groove over the latest music. The soothing music of Shabads gets her going and inspires her to push herself both physically as well as spiritually. Kaur faced the world that would constantly discourage her, telling her that, being a girl, she would not be able to do this or that. This kind of demotivation ended up pushing her to focus her energy on fitness, a journey she started at the age of 17. She is now breaking all norms and showing men and women across the world that nothing is impossible if you have the right mind and determination for it.

They all share a commitment to speaking up and standing up for their rights. Let their stories inspire and move you to #beboldforchange and stand up in streets, public transport, in school, at work, on social media, at home and where ever there is a need for change. Don’t be shunned down to speak your thoughts. You never know, you could be the driver of change which will save millions of women who are facing similar problems.

MirrorWhite was started and is run by a group of women, and we are proud of it.

We wish all #theunstoppablewomen a “Happy Women’s Day”!

Celebrity Inspired Jewellery

If celebrity accessories are your biggest crush, we know just how you feel! After all, who isn’t excited to see what dress their favourite star is wearing, or what jewellery they’ve brought with them to the latest movie promotion or award ceremony?

Bollywood has always been an inspiration when it comes to fashion and the latest trends. We are always looking forward to seeing the newest trends, and we take notes 😉 With the infinite social media posts and celebrity sightings, silver jewellery seems to be the celebrity favourite. A star collection sounds like it might be crazy-expensive to afford, but that’s simply not the case at MirrorWhite!

From the innovation of design to the freedom, the metal gives you; silver jewellery is versatile and affordable. The ethnic and traditional element in silver jewellery that adapts both to Indian and Western wear offers the gutsy dose of glamour.

Get inspired with the trending wears and drop-dead gorgeous like your favourite actress.

  1. Kill the monotony with Necklace

A chunky neck piece can add edge and much-desired elegance to the simplest of outfits. To name a few B-town fashionistas who took Necklaces the long way, Neha Dhupia, Deepika Padukone, and Vidya Balan. The new avatars of chunky necklaces range from threads of colour with a simple pendant to beautiful chokers to chunky jewellery the options will blow your mind away. They’re mixed with lace, threads and stones to create a multitude of colours too!!



  1. Look hot as hell with Jhumkas

Celebrities like Rani Mukerji, Prachi Desai, and Sonam Kapoor were spotted wearing ethnic silver jhumkas. They’re perfect for a daytime party and will be the best bet when it comes to a celebration that demands an ethnic touch. Raise the bar by wearing super glam silver jhumkas that are the major trend currently. These ethnic jhumkas looks so divine that it requires no company of chains. They look pataka on both fancy clothes and traditional sarees alike.


  1. Inspire each touch with Rings

The silver statement rings are the sensation now! Bring out the must have “oh so wow” rings and rock on especially with denim, palazzos and cotton indo-westerns. They ravish a very smart and trendy look!! Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor topped off their look with perfect chunky rings. Statement rings are the biggest style mantras to accentuate your gravitating appearance. Now layering is not limited just to your clothes as rings are the hottest fashion.


MirrorWhite is dedicated to creating beautiful, affordable jewellery from the highest quality of silver and has been delighting thousands of customers every day. So, what are you waiting for? Shop from for the best in handcrafted silver jewellery.

What Do I Wear On New Year’s Eve?

Have no idea what accessories to wear with your outfit? Whether you are dancing the night away or meeting up with your close friends, we have the perfect earrings!

It’s the last week of the year and the best way to welcome the New Year will be looking gorgeous this New Year’s Eve. Every New Year has its accessory trend. The one complementing the overall look is Earrings. For 2017, the “oversized statement earrings” are the trend as per young women. You need no hair style, just the simple hair with big chunky earrings will give the extra bling and steal the show. Read on to find out the best statement earrings to wear on New Year’s Eve.
Ear Cuffs


Ear cuffs have been a rage since the beginning of the year and why not end your ear with a fabulous earcuff. This punk jewellery style adds an edgy, chic flair to any outfit and has a trendsetting style that is both funky and sweet. Our Egyptian jewellery adds bold style, both to Western and Indian outfits. Check out some of our favourites – Dangle & Cuff.
Chand Balis


A luscious set of Chand Bali can give you the air of a pretty, young debutante. The transition from daywear to nightwear with a simple change of earrings will grace your New Year’s Eve look. If subtle isn’t your thing and you’re planning to wear a neutral or solid outfit, well, this earring is just what you need. Chand Balis offer an elegant royal look; moreover, you can opt for coloured enamel work, to add an understated splash of colour to your outfit. Check out one of our favourites.


Filigree earrings


So if you’re planning to spend the New Year’s Eve in a more formal way – a family midnight dinner party or something like that – then this dangler is the perfect New Year’s Eve accessory for you. The Filigree is the perfect earring to wear with your fancy salwar, long gown or saree. The sparkle and shine are all out glam and incredibly lightweight, sure to make heads turn! Check out one of our favourites


Pearl Drop Earrings


You can never go wrong with pearls, always a classic and we are sure that pearl earrings are made for special occasions! This New Year’s Eve, go ahead and wear Pear Drop Earrings with your equally fabulous New Year’s Eve Dress. This will look stunning with your Black Dress, darling! It’s subtle yet adds a chic factor to any outfit. Wear this if you’re going on a new year date or you’re all set to woo your man.


Dangler Earrings


Who can say no to dangler earrings? A fabulous statement piece that you can wear to boost up a simple outfit. Wear it with a simple New Year’s Eve dress and let the earrings do the talking.. This timeless dangler is a must-have for any lady. Check out some of our favourites – Dancing Bell & Smoky Topaz.
Can’t you see yourself at a FABULOUS party wearing these FABULOUS earrings? Pair with the right outfits and heads will turn to ask, “Where’d you get those?” Well, you are ready to rock the night away when the ball drops for 2017!

Cheers to a New Year 2017! May this year bring all happiness and good health to you!!

Purest Silver Jewellery Online – Guide to Buying Your Silver Jewellery

Hand and heart crafted are all Mirror White jewellery. We understand that accessories are an extension of your personality and the right jewellery can define your mood for the day!

Mirror White jewellery are made with Sterling Silver (Purity925 certified) precious and semi-precious gemstones, crafted to perfection with women across the world in mind. We believe that our customers should have complete knowledge about products they purchase from us.


We go through a stringent process of certifying all our silver jewellery, so you can be rest assured that every material used in our jewellery is of top quality. Almost all our products will carry a stamp of purity. Mirror White’s jewellery are different from the conventional beaten silver. It does not lose its value because of its pure silver content that’s an investment.


Our Certification standards include, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certifying the purity of Silver jewellery specified by the ISO Guide 28 and standards for product conformity. 925 silver is another word for sterling silver (purest of the forms). In very rare cases, the silver used will be a little less than 92.5% purity, which will be mentioned with the product details. Silver Certification for 92.5% pure (Sterling Silver) and the rest is composed of alloys that provide the silver its strength. And Handmade Certification certifying that all our products are handmade and what you’re receiving is a piece of art which no manufacturing process can replicate.

Unique Art

We exalt women for who they are and what they wear. And we believe that jewellery made by hand is closest to the heart of a woman. Henceforth, all MirrorWhite jewellery are painstakingly handmade by highly-skilled artisans across India & South-east Asia. In effect, you are wearing a piece of unique art.

Our fusion designs showcase rich Indian heritage and versatility in all distinctive jewels – Earrings, Bracelets & Bangles, Rings, Necklaces, Pendants & Special collections. Just check this link to choose the best jewellery that suits your style and needs. Don’t wait for an occasion!


An Everyday Collection of Silver Jewellery

We all need a little eye candy and some drama to our daily guise. Because accessories are the exclamation point of a woman. The famous essayist, Oscar Wilde quotes, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.”

No more wasting time in front of your wardrobe, deciding what to wear. Make a statement every day with quirky silver jewellery! Motivation is when your dreams put on daily wear jewellery. When you’re wearing a piece of jewellery, it’s not merely an earring or a neck piece; you’ve enhanced yourself with a piece of poetry. Each piece tells a beautiful story.

We’ve grasped your undying love for minimalistic jewellery. And we think the balance of traditional and contemporary is just bang-on! From funky to classy designs, silver has found its space across the globe. We hate it when those beautiful accessories start to show off their real colours, don’t we? But the song of silver is this sparkling metal that’s making headlines!

MirrorWhite’s silver jewellery collection is subtle yet eye-catching. Its shades, floral motifs and elegant details come together to create masterpieces so gorgeous that you can’t help but fall head over heels in love with them. Make a statement with these attention-seeking daily wear jewellery. C’mon, folks! It’s time to wear your heart on your ears and neck!

For those looking for exclusive “covert luxury” jewellery that is nothing less than a piece of art. MirrorWhite has the most amazing stuff from designers and studio artists of past and present. A perfect destination for the working women as well as those in the know!

We have something for everyone, be it the high street or the most talked-about everyday tiny stud and elegant pendant. Fine silver earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces have trendily replaced heavy gold jewellery pieces. With subtle but artistic nuances that work their charm over both traditional as well as western outfits. Well, now look for nothing but silver jewellery, you can wear every day without having to worry about going OTT.

Your search for the latest fashion ends here! Let your jewellery work over time!

MirrorWhite is the ultimate source for handcrafted silver jewellery offering unique, superbly crafted designs and a hassle free fun shopping experience at an affordable price point. We can’t wait to make you sparkle!

Choose The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape And Look Fabulous Always!

If you are a woman who loves to dress to impress, then you definitely know what jewellery can do to your look and outfit. In India, silver jewellery is a popular choice for special occasions and even every day wear. Silver earrings are one such type of jewellery that lend the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The reason being, they’re affordable, trendy, and have a certain finesse in them. Today, Most women love to wear earrings due to the effect it has on their appearance, particularly their face. Therefore, when shopping for a pair of earrings, it is important to select the right style of earrings that will complement your face and enhance your look. Women who choose the correct style will enhance their look even further.

If you are confused which earring style will suit your face shape, here is a guide that will help you make the right choice.

Oval Face: This is commonly believed to be the most attractive face shape. Women with this face shape will look great in almost all earring styles. How lucky isn’t it? However, drop earrings will look the best on such faces, as they will perfectly complement the oval shape. Teardrop and statement earrings, in particular, will look stunning on an oval face.

Ray of Light

Round Face: This cute face style needs to be balanced out with narrow earrings. Chunky earrings or hoops will add more width to such a shape, hence women with round faces should opt for long, slim designs. Long dangle earrings will be perfect, and they can also be studded with small gemstones or pearls for an attractive look.

Pearl Drops

Heart Face: This face shape is wider at the forehead and cheekbones, and narrow at the chin and jaw. For this shape, inverted triangular shaped earrings that are heavy at the bottom will perfectly contrast the face and lend a wonderful balance. Such women can opt for dangles, teardrops and chandelier earrings. Smaller earrings like studs should be avoided.

Turquoise Inverted Drops

Square Face: This type of face is angular, and will look great with rounded earrings that soften the jaw and cheekbones. Women with square-shaped faces can go for elongated earrings, dangles and hoops. Dangles studded with gemstones will flatter a square face beautifully. Hovers, small studs and ear cuffs should be avoided by women with this face type.

Basket Hoops

Narrow/Rectangular Face: This is an elongated square-shaped face. Just as for the square shape, this face style also needs a touch of softness to balance out the angular features. However, since the face itself is longer, it is best to avoid long dangle earrings. Instead, such women can choose large showy studs, pearl earrings, or wide style earrings.

Egyptian Studs

Diamond Face: The diamond face is sharp along the cheekbones and jaw, which can be softened with complementing earrings. Avoid earrings that are heavy at the top, long narrow earrings, or diamond shaped earrings. Women with such faces can try earrings that are wider at the bottom, such as teardrops, or choose small hoops or studs.

Pink Drops

Earrings are wonderful accessories that can add drama and fun to every outfit. While colours, materials and designs matter, the right earring styles will highlight women’s natural face shapes and make them look even more beautiful. So buy the right earrings that best suit your face, and accentuate your facial features to stand out in the crowd.

Have you checked out yet? We have a earring for every face cut, handmade in silver with precious and semi-precious stones. Free Shipping within India! 

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What should I gift my sister this Rakhi?

Rakhi is round the corner and I am sure all of us, sisters are scouting around for the best Rakhi and brothers are wondering what to gift their beloved sister. It’s so amazing to see how sisters and brothers are trying their best to find something different, something special that will bring a smile to the other. Just yesterday, I was at an event in Bangalore where we displayed some of our Silver Rakhi’s. It was a two day event, and one girl came by the stall the first day and liked a Rakhi we had made with semi-precious stones and silver beads. She decided to take a day to think and came back yesterday and picked up one for her brother. She said, she loves giving her brother rakhi’s that are unique and her brother has actually preserved them for over 15 years. Isn’t that amazing? Why gift your brother a boring Rakhi when you can give them something unique that will actually treasure. We at MirrorWhite have launched a simple yet fancy range of Rakhi’s for your brother. and for all the brothers out there, we have some amazing handmade silver jewellery, funky or traditional, simple or flashy, we have something for all of your sisters. What’s so special about gifting MirrorWhite jewellery.

Well, all our jewellery is handmade by artisans from around the country and south-east asia. Each piece has been designed keeping in mind the quality, design, and uniqueness. It also comes in a small little box with a lovely pouch. If you would like, we can also write a special note for your brother or sister.

We all love our siblings so much, so go on show them some love and gift them something priceless from MirrorWhite!

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