Wishful Wearing with Bracelets

Jewellery is a powerful way to express oneself. One of them being bracelets which always plays a standout accessory for different reasons and seasons. While some wear bracelet to power up their attire, some to express and impress, and the rest mirroring their favourite celebrity fashion. Whatever the reason, bracelets have always managed to create a style statement. From edgy urban style to free-spirited looks, our sterling silver bracelets and bangles evoke an effortless “It-girl” flair.

The MirrorWhite bracelet collection features delicate and bold chunky bracelets in a stunning array of traditional, contemporary and western designs and colours for the modern woman and kid.

1. Precious Bracelets

Precious bracelets are crystal or gemstone bracelets for women that come in styles as simple or complex as your sentiments. The best part about precious stone bracelets are that they complement any traditional and formal attire.

Crystal and Zircon Bangle


2. Designer Bracelets

Egyptian bracelets from MirrorWhite are designer pieces every woman would love to own. The gold cuff bracelets incorporate intricately crafted designs, stones, enamel painting which speak volumes and adds an oomph factor to your style. These fancy gold plated silver bracelets are perfect when you want to stand out!

Turquoise Egyptian Inspired Bracelet


3. Beaded Bracelets

These silver bracelets comprise of multiple precious beads of various shapes, sizes, and colours. They can be worn by both women and little girls. Beaded bracelet is a perfect choice for fun and casual evenings.

Framed Amber Bracelet


Bracelets are hand-crafted from BIS certified 925 pure silver. Perfect for daily wear and special occasions, MirrorWhite’s bracelets for girls are sure to make heads turn toward you.

A Pendant Can Do All the Talking

Jewellery has long been used to communicate one’s personality without speech. Now, the conversation is getting more literal both in style and commercial stakes. This has opened up a new trend for emotion-inspired statement pendants. Pull off a stunning look that complements even the smallest of occasions with these statement chains. Whether it’s a party at the office, family get-together, dinner date or lunch with friends, “statement pendants” is the perfect exclamation point! The beauty of statement jewellery is it’s much larger than typical ones and only takes one piece to enhance your best features and outfit.

Kingman Turquoise Pendant                           Antique Pendant

1             2

Jewellery Speak Louder Than Words!

The style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak. Statement pendants are supposed to make a statement. So, allow them to stand out, and do not overcrowd your look by wearing many. It is best to wear one at a time, but if you do want to wear more than one piece, make sure to avoid wearing statement bracelets, rings, earrings at the same time. Statement pendants speak for itself and can work wonders to add dazzle to a simple dress when shining on its own.

Stella Pearl                                                          Filigree Heart Pendant

3                   4

Every Piece of Jewellery Tells A Story!

Statement pendants are a very personal thing. They are designed to turn heads! The pendant is a term derived from the Latin word “Pendere” means “to hang down.” Pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore pendants of huge size studded with gemstones usually bearing auspicious scenes. MirrorWhite offers Solitaire chains, to Engraved and Chunky pendants – in all designs, colours and sizes. Statement pieces strike the perfect balance by keeping you simple, bold, attention-grabbing, and all at the same time. Also, remember that big accessories are best worn with simple clothes.

  Red Onyx Floral Pendant                                      Mesh Maze Pendant

5                       6

Your Jewellery Introduces You Before You Even Speak!

Pendants are pieces that are also conversation starters. Just try to stick with the same kind of patterns and metals (at a time) to avoid clashing. Steer clear of busy patterns and remember, you want your statement piece to stand out, so match items wisely. Try to stick to neutral and solid colour clothes when wearing bright and detailed accessories. Similarly, less decorated pieces can work very well with patterned clothing.

Mother of Pearl Princess                   Pendant Smoky Topaz Pendant

7                     8

Jewellery is Instant Language!

If you are going for a classy and polished look, opt for MirrorWhite pearl pendants. Vintage or floral pendants will look fantastic with a feminine outfit, while colourful beads are a must if you are going for a retro look. A bold engraved pendant will look gorgeous with a long flowing maxi. If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it because life won’t sparkle unless you do.

Pink Zircon Heart Pendant                            Tigers Eye Pendant

9              10

Wear love where you can see it, around your neck! Let the pendant add some drama and create tap into your creative side. Have fun adding the chunky wonders to your collections!
MirrorWhite.in has some of the bold statement pendants and chains to “spice-up” your style quotient. It’s time to own this look. MirrorWhite also offers quality, handmade sterling silver jewellery such as earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces, to address the jewellery demands of the modern women.

The Super Cute Jewellery for Your Little Girl

Every mother wishes two things for her daughter – happiness in her eyes and jewellery on her ears. A mother’s excitement knows no bounds. Especially when it comes to accessorizing, Mothers begin to load the wardrobe with beautiful accessories to adorn her girl in the cutest way.

1 2

Little girls deserve to be adorned as beautiful as an angel, because that is what she is, an angel! At the same time, parents want what is safe and best for their children. So, choosing the right jewellery metals it essential. Metals made of tolerant (hypoallergenic) materials such as 14, 18, 24-karat gold and sterling silver are not likely to cause allergic reactions.

3 4

Have you heard of the saying, “Born with the Silver Spoon in the mouth?” Do you see the connection now? Silver and silverware have so many excellent properties which make it safe and non-toxic from other metals. Maybe that’s the reason our ancestors used silver cups to feed milk to babies. Whereas in imitation jewellery, there is a strong possibility of materials like lead and cadmium that are highly dangerous because of their toxicity.

5 6


MirrorWhite offers cute silver chains and silver studs for kids with the round-cornered finish. Check the unique and handmade butterfly earrings, flower earrings, heart shaped earrings, animal and fish earrings, and much more. You can also find smooth thread bracelets and chains at a pocket-friendly price.

7 8


Even if this silver jewellery is likely to come into contact with the mouth of children, you have nothing to be worried about. Because silver is an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, immunity booster, coolant, and silver has no expiry date. Moreover, the cute earrings and pendants will not overburden the delicate skin of your girl. It is because, these adorable jewels are light-weight, round-cornered (smooth finish with no sharp edges), BIS certified 925 silver.

The beauty of this jewellery is that she can wear them on every day and slip the charms on when going out for something special. Your little girl will not only be more at ease but will also look adorable!

So what are you waiting for? Sit down with your little girl, go through the collections, and pick jewellery that will widen her smile.

We just can’t wait to see your little angel sparkle!

You’re also welcome to share photos and videos of your little angel trying out these.

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Nose Pins on Sale

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The timeless classic pendants are on 25% off! You can choose from MirrorWhite’s exclusive collection of silver pendants and chains such as filigree heart pendant, stella pearl, and smoky topaz.


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What’s Trending in Bracelets?

We’re all about the trend, aren’t we? Bracelets are inarguably ruling the jewellery industry making just as much of an impact. They’re eye-catching, whether tiny and chunky in size, and gets us going when we’re too tired to wear anything on our ears. Also, they make any outfit look trendy with just a little bit of effort!

College students, teens and working women love wearing bracelets it’s like the cherry on the cake to complete an outfit. “Pasha Bracelets” is our latest collection with a subtle throwback on the 90’s, beaded charms in a classic style. You can wear them without feeling overdone or out of place. Be it casual or grand occasions; different bracelets can lend variation – allowing you to stand out with the simplest of styles. From rope to beaded versions, we take you through the trending bracelets in the fashion market today.

Blue Floral Bracelet


Sport this bracelet to your office, college and or any casual lunch date. It’s handmade, made with a black rope, a turquoise bead, and lovely sterling silver flowers. Strikingly different patterns and colours are compiled to make this trendy arrangement. Shop here at Rs.1,300.

Funky Charm Bracelet



Team up this colourful and funky bracelet with a white top for a bright look. Save it for special occasions, parties and celebrations. The bracelet is made of multi-coloured glass beads and a sterling silver chain. You could also consider gifting this statement bracelet for a birthday. Shop here at Rs.1,200.

Queen Carnelian Bracelet


Walk into celebrations like birthdays, graduations, or your anniversary with this statement bracelet and make heads turn. Pair it with a western outfit, matching studs, and you’re good to go! It is crafted with triple layered bright orange carnelian stones and sterling silver connectors. Shop here at Rs. 1,900.

Yellow Fantasy Bracelet


Who wouldn’t love this bright yellow? Match the yellow fantasy bracelet with a white pastel dress this summer for a lunch out. This bracelet is made of aragonite yellow stones and sterling silver beads to giving it a funky look. Shop here at Rs. 1,200.

Black Onyx Wavy Bracelet


Black is the most versatile colour, and this bracelet would look stunning in the night. This black onyx wavy bracelet will be fantastic with a short dress or bright top. Modelled with flattened silver beads and black onyx stones this bracelet can be your go-to jewellery when you’re in doubt. It is one of our bestselling bracelets among young girls and working women. Shop here at Rs. 2,150.

So, what are you waiting for? Dangle your wrists, girl! Check out our entire range of bracelets in our pasha collection.