5 Nose Pins That Are Both Antique and Trendy

Nose Pins are jewellery that are,

“Always classy

Never thrashy

And adds a little bit of sassy”

Everyone needs someone to remind them that they are beautiful! How fantastic would it be if you’ll find that someone right on your nose, in the form of a Nose Pin.

 Nose Pins are like the perfect seasoning; it always complements what’s already there. Moreover, do you feel the same way about jewellery as about food – I want it all? Then pave the way to greatness with this flower nose pin. (Trishul Turquoise Nose Pin, Rs.300)

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try jewellery. Because Nose Pins never spoils a beautiful face. It only makes you so much more attractive and interesting. Conquer both your western and ethnic outfits with this silver nose pin. (White Quartz Nose Pin, Rs.600)

4 3

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

Chocolates and flowers die and get eaten, but jewellery is forever. Don’t shy away to sparkle a little brighter, darling. Look your prettiest wearing this sterling silver nose pin. (Leafy Nose Pin, Rs.500)


6 5


Every snowflake is a kiss on your sweet cold nose!

Wear style where you can see it, on your nose. Because, jewellery is a very personal thing, every piece of jewellery tells a story about the person who’s wearing it. Personify yourself with this silver nose pin. (Chakra Oxidised Nose Pin, Rs. 400)

9 8

You are the love that came without warning. You had my heart before I could say no!

Cherish your love for jewellery liberally. There are no rules to accessorize, if you like it, wear it. Complement your casual style with this silver nose pin. (White Quartz Nose Pin, Rs.400)

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I have enough jewellery said no girl ever! And Nose pins are like potato chips; you can’t stop with just one. Nail it with these MirrorWhite clip-on nose pins, girl!

Monsoon Sale: Flat 25% Off @ MirrorWhite


The most enjoyable season, Monsoon, has arrived and so has our SALE!!

After all, what could be better than the earthy smell, chill breeze, and the sound of the rain, right? Rainy days are memorable days with sipping piping hot tea, and a plate full of spicy pakodas, after an energetic rain dance 😉

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In addition to this, you could also buy gifts in advance for weddings, birthdays & festivals in the coming months. Band rings, Crystal Jhumki, Onyx bracelet, Heart pendant & Heart earring are some really good choices. In fact, if you’ve been planning on buying some statement pieces, monsoon sale is the perfect reason for the season to purchase newbies.

Monsoon is the ideal time to stock up things you love especially those which do not come with an expiry date. Because “special products seldom come on sale!” Click on our one-stop-shop e-store for all your silver jewellery needs. Moreover, they’re monsoon appropriate and easy on the wallet too.

Give in to your fashion cravings and make sure your jewel boxes are updated with the trendiest and the dashing. Browse through the endless categories of sterling silver accessories that are loaded with – pentagon earring, antique jhumka, a filigree pendant, golden bracelets, pearl necklace & fancy meenakari set. Pamper the fashionistas in you at MirrorWhite with the Flat 25% Off Sale and treat yourself to an envy-worthy wardrobe full of fascinating pieces this monsoon.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to celebrate the Monsoon with the yet another reason for the season and grab your favourites NOW!

Jhumkas For Every Occasion

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art” – Oscar Wilde

A woman and her jewellery are inseparable. Whatever the occasion be, she does not forget her earrings. It makes her look more elegant and stylish at the same time. Jhumka earrings are one of the can’t-miss-pieces that leave everyone jaw-dropped! Whatever the occasion be, there is a Jhumka for every attire.

You may ask, why Jhumka earrings? Because Jhumka gives birth to a gorgeous look that can harmonize with any occasion. Be it your friend’s wedding, lunch date or even dressing up for work. They’re so gracefully traditional! No matter what you wear, a pair of jhumkas will match your dress perfectly, and that’s why the fashion gurus say, “When in doubt wear jhumkas.” 😉 Jhumkis or Jhumkas online are available in a variety of designs, colours & patterns.

Choosing the right jhumka for an occasion can be mind-boggling. So, here I shed some light on picking jhumkas for various occasions and events.

  1. Jhumkas for Weddings / Festivals

Well, gold jhumkas have always been the sought-after jewellery for pompous occasions. These gold-plated silver jhumkas like Evergreen Traditional Coral Bell Jhumka, Traditional South Indian Red Onyx Jhumki, & Kundan Mango Shaped Paisley Jhumkas a are perfect when you choose to wear grand saree, lehenga, salwar. Party-ready women from every corner have fallen head over heels for golden jhumkas.

Tip: Keep your neck simple and your hair tied up so that the focus will be on jhumkas. Your makeup, however, can be dramatic and you’ll surely nail it.

1 2 3

  1. Jhumkas for Parties / Casual Events

4 5

Big silver jhumkas would do wonders to your party look! Also, the pearl enamel jhumkas above are the perfect blend of Western and Indian. Hence, it is essential to choose the right pair of earrings that complement party outfits like a skirt and crop top, and palazzo. Dangler Multi Lined Step Jhumka & Pearl Crystal Quartz Jhumki Earrings are two such charming silver jhumkas online.

Tip: With a contemporary fishtail braid flaunt your silver jhumkas in style. The jhumka can stand alone as a statement piece to your look.


  1. Jhumkas for Everyday / Work

6 7

Jhumkas are like cakes! “Cake is for life, not just for birthdays.” Similarly, jhumkas aren’t just made for weddings and other grand occasions. For college, we have Harsh Meenakari Pink Jhumki & Chakra Jhumka, and for work, we have beautiful Pearl Filigree Jhumki & Antique Jhumka. They go well with a kurti, salwar kameez, and westerns! These silver jhumkas online are nothing short of radiant.

Tip: For a day when you really need a lift, braid your hair with western casuals and kurtis.

There is a lot more in store for you! Buy silver jhumkas online at MirrorWhite, known for its stunning variety of jhumka earrings online that you can wear for multiple occasions. Now flaunt your jhumkas at every opportunity. Can’t wait to see you sparkle!

Beat the Summer with Our Colourful Silver Jewellery

Its summer and we all seem to be waiting for the rains already. Well, last few days of summer so add some fun by breaking open the dramatic coloured accessories from your jewel boxes! Brighten your days even more with bold and colourful jewellery from MirrorWhite. Earrings are the main players of the season because they don’t stick to your skin and you can flaunt them even with your hair tied up. Next is the ring. Isn’t wearing what is right for you and  comfortable in the heat more important than staying in trend? Also, you can never go out of style with sterling silver jewellery (especially!). So, MirrorWhite brings to you colourful silver jewellery for office and special occasions so you can walk out in style every sunny morning.

Disco Blue

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The colour blue is so refreshing to the eyes especially when it comes on our favourite pieces of jewellery. The blue meenakari earrings (Rs.1000) is simple yet eye-catching with its enamel work. And this band ring (Rs.1350) will bring a touch of modern elegance to your summer wear. No fuss just plain simple jewellery to add the fun element to your clothes this summer. Check out our most colourful collection of meenakari jewellery here https://www.mirrorwhite.in/collections/meenakari.html

Bold Red

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Forget your delicate trinkets and embrace these stylish and funky Prism red agate earring (Rs.3450) and ring (Rs.1550)  and you will be all set to flaunt for a party.

Refreshing Turquoise

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Apart from the regular colours, turquoise is a classy choice by itself that takes over the runways. So, you could imagine the heights of beauty when it’s on your jewellery! These lovely sea green turquoise earring (Rs.1650) and blue turquoise ring (Rs.1550) are sure to lift your spirits with a good dose of eccentricity. Check out our entire range of Turquoise Jewellery here


Festive Pink




With pink dangler earring (Rs.1200) and chunky ring (Rs.4100) you’re all set to to kill those already set fashion statements. The lovely combination of these enamel pink earrings and ring is something out-of-the-box!

Vibrant Purple

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Saving the best for the last, colour pop purple from your jewel box to top the list. Give a bigger punch of fashion this summer with the amethyst purple earring (Rs.1700) and amethyst purple ring (Rs.1350). Both the earring and ring are made with an amethyst stone giving it a royal look.

Check out our entire range of Amethyst Silver Jewellery here https://www.mirrorwhite.in/catalogsearch/result/?q=amethyst

Go dramatic and colour yourself happy and bright this summer. Show us your maxed out summer look by tagging us on instagram @mirrorwhite.in or find us on facebook mirrorwhiteindia


A Letter to All Mothers!


I love that we set aside a whole day to honour our mothers who raised us with everything in their power. Whether it’s the mom who devoted a good 20 years of her life only raising us or the mother who juggled between her work and raising us, we definitely need to salute them for all that they have done. I have an amazing mother who still continues to support me even in my 30’s. She is strong, independent, positive, hardworking, supportive, and someone who has always moved with the times and not made me feel for a single moment that “my mom is old-fashioned”. We are two sisters, and she has raised us beautifully that I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done and continues to do. I don’t think you completely realise the value of your mom till you become one yourself and now that I am so close to becoming one myself, this mother’s day means a lot more than all the ones in the past.

So go out there today and cherish all the moments you have spent with your mother. Your mother gave up her life just to put a smile on your face and continues to do so. If you’re a new mother or going to be one, just remember you’re entering the most rewarding part of your life. And there will be days when you will be overwhelmed and exhausted but just remember “this too shall pass.” Every phase of your child must be appreciated because nothing lasts forever and in no time your children will grow up and not need you as much as they did so before. So, go out there and be the best mom you can be and don’t forget to do these top five things:

1) Cook for your kids – There is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal cooked by your mother, and I can say that for a fact because even though I am 30 something woman, I still crave to eat my mom’s food. So, don’t deprive them of this!


2) Play with them – No matter how tired you’re everyday, make some time to play with them and read to them. These are your special bonding times, and they won’t come back


3) Hug them tight – Nothing is more warming than receiving a hug from your mom. So if your kid ever runs up to you, leave everything you’re doing and give them a tight hug


4) Appreciate them – Every kid is special so please don’t compare your kids to others. Take the time to appreciate all the little things they do to make you feel special


5) Tell them you love them – There isn’t a better feeling than hearing the words “I love you” from your mother. So, always tell your kids how much you love them!

I hope all you mothers feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s day and no matter which phase of motherhood you’re in, remember you’re doing your best and that you’re loved.

Tag us on Instagram @mirrorwhite.in and tell me what your kids are upto this Mother’s day! Oh and before I forget, we have an amazing line-up of silver jewellery for all you beautiful moms at amazingly low prices so take a look here and if you haven’t yet pampered yourself, do so now  https://www.mirrorwhite.in/mothersday.html

What’s Trending in Bracelets?

We’re all about the trend, aren’t we? Bracelets are inarguably ruling the jewellery industry making just as much of an impact. They’re eye-catching, whether tiny and chunky in size, and gets us going when we’re too tired to wear anything on our ears. Also, they make any outfit look trendy with just a little bit of effort!

College students, teens and working women love wearing bracelets it’s like the cherry on the cake to complete an outfit. “Pasha Bracelets” is our latest collection with a subtle throwback on the 90’s, beaded charms in a classic style. You can wear them without feeling overdone or out of place. Be it casual or grand occasions; different bracelets can lend variation – allowing you to stand out with the simplest of styles. From rope to beaded versions, we take you through the trending bracelets in the fashion market today.

Blue Floral Bracelet


Sport this bracelet to your office, college and or any casual lunch date. It’s handmade, made with a black rope, a turquoise bead, and lovely sterling silver flowers. Strikingly different patterns and colours are compiled to make this trendy arrangement. Shop here at Rs.1,300.

Funky Charm Bracelet



Team up this colourful and funky bracelet with a white top for a bright look. Save it for special occasions, parties and celebrations. The bracelet is made of multi-coloured glass beads and a sterling silver chain. You could also consider gifting this statement bracelet for a birthday. Shop here at Rs.1,200.

Queen Carnelian Bracelet


Walk into celebrations like birthdays, graduations, or your anniversary with this statement bracelet and make heads turn. Pair it with a western outfit, matching studs, and you’re good to go! It is crafted with triple layered bright orange carnelian stones and sterling silver connectors. Shop here at Rs. 1,900.

Yellow Fantasy Bracelet


Who wouldn’t love this bright yellow? Match the yellow fantasy bracelet with a white pastel dress this summer for a lunch out. This bracelet is made of aragonite yellow stones and sterling silver beads to giving it a funky look. Shop here at Rs. 1,200.

Black Onyx Wavy Bracelet


Black is the most versatile colour, and this bracelet would look stunning in the night. This black onyx wavy bracelet will be fantastic with a short dress or bright top. Modelled with flattened silver beads and black onyx stones this bracelet can be your go-to jewellery when you’re in doubt. It is one of our bestselling bracelets among young girls and working women. Shop here at Rs. 2,150.

So, what are you waiting for? Dangle your wrists, girl! Check out our entire range of bracelets in our pasha collection.

Kids Collection

It’s always so much fun dressing up kids, especially little girls than dress ourselves, isn’t it? The best part is you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to shop for them. Unplanned shopping and gifts excite them even more. How great would it be if it’s something they fantasy every day? Something that’s both exciting and safe too? Here are some amazingly cute silver earrings for your little girls.

Silver metal is a  – the best way to protect children from cold and flu and get them through an illness more easily. Also, most schools don’t allow children to wear gold jewellery; hence kids silver jewellery seems like a pretty good alternative. I’m sure that toddlers, tweens & teen girls would love wearing these colourful pieces of art.

  1. Butterfly Studs

Sing to your baby girls the butterfly song, let them dance to your tune with these cute butterfly earrings. Shop here at Rs. 950.


  1. Fish Studs

Build stories with these fish studs to get your little girl to do chores. Shop here at Rs. 800 and Rs. 950 respectively.



  1. Crystal Earrings

Dress up your girl in a jiffy for birthday parties, festivals and celebrations in these grand crystal earrings. Shop here at Rs. 950 and Rs.1200 respectively.



  1. Heart Studs

If you’re a giving person, buy this soulful gift for your daughters, nieces or grand-daughters. Shop them at Rs. 950 & Rs.850 respectively.




  1. Twinkle Stud

These simple yet elegant twinkle earrings would be the best weekend attention grabber to your sweet child. Shop them at Rs. 950.


This is not all, we have a whole new range of silver jewellery for your little girls so they can enjoy wearing something fun. Start shopping here: https://www.mirrorwhite.in/collections/kids.html

9 to 5 Jewellery

When work comes to mind, does fashion? For most women, it’s a no but for us at MirrorWhite, we believe you truly can be fashionable. From earrings to rings, there is a style in every piece of art you wear that makes you look confident and beautiful.

Any working woman needs a trouble-free, easy to maintain range of jewellery that goes well with her outfits. But trouble-free does not mean less stylish, don’t shy away from showing off bold jewellery. Believe it or not, the latest trends in silver jewellery are extremely powerful in changing your look on weekdays too. Did you know that your jewellery has the power to speak volumes about your work persona and confidence quotient? So, don’t ignore your jewellery girl! Regardless of your age, accessories will always accentuate your looks.

It’s just a matter of knowing what jewellery would suit you better and most importantly how to pair them. MirrorWhite has an amazing collection of 9 to 5 Jewellery that most successful working women vouch for.

Monday Meetings:

Okay, so we all know that Monday meetings are mundane, boring, but your outfit and accessories don’t need to be. Pair your outfit with one of our handcrafted silver pieces and it’s sure to brighten that board meeting.

If you’re wearing a,


You could wear a nice classy saree like the one below with a earring from our Prisma collection, and match it with a funky silver filigree ring. The combination of the prism shape drops with blue enamel work will add to the beauty of this classy saree. Shop here : https://goo.gl/99hGL7

mw 1



Salwar Suit:

A salwar suit is a nice practical solution in these hot summer days. The beauty of Salwars are they can look Indian and Western giving you the opportunity to accessorize it similarly. Pair the grey kurta with one of our oxidised silver jhumkas or you could also add some colour by wearing something bright like the arabian blue drops. To give you a more contemporary look, you can pair it with our statement silver hook earrings





A salwar suit like the one one the left calls for some simple jewellery like a pair of studs from tiny drop earrings. These ruby drops in gold plated silver are the perfect size for this outfit. The pink quartz earrings in gold plated silver are a little longer but the dull look will complement this bright red outfit.

You could also pair it with a subtle stone like the one below, a pink quartz in a simple drop gold plated silver earring






















Shirts, Tops, Pants & Suits:

Dress pants and a pencil skirt are the most appropriate options for a casual business environment. We have a wide range of jewellery that can be paired with your western office wear. Take a look at some of our favourites,


Silver Hoops
Silver Hoops




Stylish smoky topaz drop earrings you can pair with any outfit because of its neutral colour.







The lovely amethyst with a leafy silver pattern is the perfect earring with your skirts.





For all your beauty, a dosage of silver jewellery can help in breaking the monotony and get through the day. And you know what, it’s perfectly okay to feel a bit in awe of yourself — it’s your day, after all!

Casual Fridays

Fridays call for something more fun and casual and our range of funky jewellery will do just that. Pair it with your Jeans and tees and you’re all set for the ultimate in non-conservative workwear! Our golden spiral hoop earrings, are funky and different, and if you still enjoy simplicity, check out our abstract floral earrings. If you have a date planned in the evening, well, our heart shaped stud earrings are the perfect bet. And to make heads turn our Tweetie Bird drop earrings are too cute to be true! Can it get more perfect than this on a casual Friday? Shop Here : https://goo.gl/T2XWwh and https://goo.gl/0wQbGN

Show us your 9 to 5 looks on instagram or facebook #mirrorwhite

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Mirror White at India Beach Fashion Week

For the very first time, MirrorWhite will be showcasing their fabulous range of Handcrafted Silver Jewellery at Pop it Up Goa on 6th, 7th, and 8th March at the Goa Mariott Resort & Spa in Collaboration with India Beach Fashion Week. We are thrilled to be a part of this show, firstly because we get to be in this amazing beach destination 😉 Who can ever say no to being in Goa. The great vibes, the beach, the lovely free-spirited people and the food! We decided to jump on this opportunity and be a part of this fun-filled event, and to top it all the fashion week will bring in lots of craziness and glam to the event. Now coming back to business, we have a lot of great jewellery that will be on display, take a look for yourself!
Bracelet_01 SUP_5226-1-2
Classy, Timeless and Handmade – Silver Jewellery that will set you apart! We will be sharing lots of photographs from our event so stay tuned for lots more. For now, if you’re in Goa, don’t forget to visit us at Stall No 26, MirrorWhite to view our spectacular range of silver jewellery. You won’t regret it! Ah! and if you happen to read this blog, you can say the words GoGoa and take 15% off your order total at the show.
Floral-2 SUP_5020-1

Choose The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape And Look Fabulous Always!

If you are a woman who loves to dress to impress, then you definitely know what jewellery can do to your look and outfit. In India, silver jewellery is a popular choice for special occasions and even every day wear. Silver earrings are one such type of jewellery that lend the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The reason being, they’re affordable, trendy, and have a certain finesse in them. Today, Most women love to wear earrings due to the effect it has on their appearance, particularly their face. Therefore, when shopping for a pair of earrings, it is important to select the right style of earrings that will complement your face and enhance your look. Women who choose the correct style will enhance their look even further.

If you are confused which earring style will suit your face shape, here is a guide that will help you make the right choice.

Oval Face: This is commonly believed to be the most attractive face shape. Women with this face shape will look great in almost all earring styles. How lucky isn’t it? However, drop earrings will look the best on such faces, as they will perfectly complement the oval shape. Teardrop and statement earrings, in particular, will look stunning on an oval face.

Ray of Light

Round Face: This cute face style needs to be balanced out with narrow earrings. Chunky earrings or hoops will add more width to such a shape, hence women with round faces should opt for long, slim designs. Long dangle earrings will be perfect, and they can also be studded with small gemstones or pearls for an attractive look.

Pearl Drops

Heart Face: This face shape is wider at the forehead and cheekbones, and narrow at the chin and jaw. For this shape, inverted triangular shaped earrings that are heavy at the bottom will perfectly contrast the face and lend a wonderful balance. Such women can opt for dangles, teardrops and chandelier earrings. Smaller earrings like studs should be avoided.

Turquoise Inverted Drops

Square Face: This type of face is angular, and will look great with rounded earrings that soften the jaw and cheekbones. Women with square-shaped faces can go for elongated earrings, dangles and hoops. Dangles studded with gemstones will flatter a square face beautifully. Hovers, small studs and ear cuffs should be avoided by women with this face type.

Basket Hoops

Narrow/Rectangular Face: This is an elongated square-shaped face. Just as for the square shape, this face style also needs a touch of softness to balance out the angular features. However, since the face itself is longer, it is best to avoid long dangle earrings. Instead, such women can choose large showy studs, pearl earrings, or wide style earrings.

Egyptian Studs

Diamond Face: The diamond face is sharp along the cheekbones and jaw, which can be softened with complementing earrings. Avoid earrings that are heavy at the top, long narrow earrings, or diamond shaped earrings. Women with such faces can try earrings that are wider at the bottom, such as teardrops, or choose small hoops or studs.

Pink Drops

Earrings are wonderful accessories that can add drama and fun to every outfit. While colours, materials and designs matter, the right earring styles will highlight women’s natural face shapes and make them look even more beautiful. So buy the right earrings that best suit your face, and accentuate your facial features to stand out in the crowd.

Have you checked out www.mirrorwhite.in yet? We have a earring for every face cut, handmade in silver with precious and semi-precious stones. Free Shipping within India! 

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