Personify Your Love for the She(s) in Your Life This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a love fest like no other. The day is all about celebrating the joy of love with the people who matter. It may not always be the affection between lovers. Love can be found in the small acts of care that come your way every day through family, colleagues, and friends.


This Valentine’s Day express your gratitude choosing to be on the giving end, to the love that goes to the moon and back. For the mom whose warm hugs solve it all, for the sister who always shops for two, for the aunt who is forever on your side, for the best friend who saves you an extra piece of pizza. For the mother-in-law who shares your household work, the colleague who saved your job, the neighbour who takes care of your kid when you aren’t around, the sister-in-law who buys you pretty sarees now and then, for the grandma who slips in money in your hands every time you visit or the friend who gives you a ride when you’re running late.

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Such is the love we experience each day, and it doesn’t stop there! It keeps coming to you like a blissful circle of joy that echoes. The joy of satisfaction lies in the joy of giving. In fact, real joy doubles when you gift someone who deserves.

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Celebrate it with something different that she’ll use or wear all year round – Jewellery. She’ll cherish a charm pendant or heart-shaped earring, a timeless stud or chic bracelet. If you’re looking for a ring for love, necklace, drop earrings, bracelets, and anklets, we’ve got your back!

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These Valentine’s Day symbolic pieces of jewellery is a meaningful gift for someone who’s always held your hand at all the important times. Experience the joy of giving this Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air

Hello Again,

It’s that time of the year when we think red! Excuse me folks I said think not see ;-)On most days of the year we see red very quickly, but come February and we think red.. Aah love is in the air, you say.

Valentine’s Day around the corner and our expectations from our significant other keep rising as the February 14th day approaches closer. So this year I have a revolutionary thought for you ladies!!! Be your own Valentine this year!! And why is that you ask, Because each one of us is worth it, to borrow a much cliche’d line from a popular ad.

MW - Be your Valentine

Love yourself for a change, I don’t mean it any selfish or narcisstic sense. Respect yourself, blemishes and all, truly revel in yourself, set some time aside for yourself , even if you have a date. Go buy that red dress and go out with some friends.

The shoes, bag, heart shaped ring, earring that you have been eyeing. Indulge yourself , cause you have earned it.

Go shop, dress up party and simply be happy in your own skin this Valentine!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to me and to you in advance!!!

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